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Well, here we are again! I thought this was a decent photo of the back cable work. I'm almost ready to split for the back and fronts. Just out of the photo is the huge ball of yarn from before. The morning light is so blue that it's difficult to capture the beautiful red color of this yarn. It's a warm red, and really lovely. I'll probably wait and buy the buttons in Germany. I can tell a difference in the cabling with the different sized needles. It's much more defined. I swatched the cotton for the little cardigan I'm knitting for the trip. I started to cast on for the bottom. That'll be a nice NBK (no brain knit/ing) to work on when I need a break from the clock vest. Maybe I should rename it the ticking time bomb!
Speaking of Germany...I'm reading part of the Lord's Prayer in German on Sunday. Cool!
I'm so glad it's Friday! Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend and we're going to a festival. She's taking a knitting class and I'm going to wander around and visit the sheep, the vendors, maybe I
'll get to test drive a wheel again! It's supposed to rain, but that's okay. The buildings are fairly close together and it'll be fun to see all the fiber, etc.


Kathy said...

I am experiencing raging fiber jealousy. I wish I could go with you tomorrow!

Your vest is really coming along. I'm ready to start something new. My cotton cardigans are getting a little tiresome.

Happy Mutha's Day to ya.

Deborah said...

St. Brigid? Nahhh, too heavy to knit over the summer.
Can't wait for Wednesday.
From one Mutha to anotha...yo.