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Sweater weather has arrived!

A couple of Sundays ago Ellie taught a basket class at AFW.  The class almost didn't go until I snapped a photo and Teresa posted it on Facebook.  The class had a waiting list.  It was great fun and we were happy with our baskets.  I will eventually stain mine.  The round oak handles are unusual and were not difficult to add.

It's official, we had our first snowfall.  Good thing it snowed before the new shed was built.  The concrete cured and on Halloween the he-shed was installed.  Now the little camper will have a home. The weather turned cold quickly and I didn't take the time to change out the warm weather clothes for the cold weather clothes, yet.

Big change in the back yard landscape.

I took the opportunity to walk when the snow was falling and the wind was blowing.  The chill felt good and there were interesting things to see along the way.  It was obvious the wind was blowing from the north!

Mother Nature iced the cake.

A cold wind was blowing from the north.

One does not always have to look up to see interesting color and pattern.

The hydrangea is prettiest in autumn.  I think this would be a lovely color story for a project.