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Newsflash! WIPs turn into FOs! Making my way through the projects.

More finished objects.  Slowly but surely I am working through all the projects on the needles and not starting anything new, which is difficult.  I also finished spinning the Icelandic/Shetland blend and whatever I knit will be called Rollo after Andrea's sweet puppy.

The yarn is made from Black Cat Farmstead's Icelandic/Shetland blend.  
I finished the Beaded Beret.  It stayed on the needles far too long, but I enjoyed finishing it.  The project is perfect for trying out adding beads to knitting.  It is a shop sample so I may have to dig into the stash after I finish other projects to make one for spring.

Beaded Beret--The stippled colorway, Twyla Brae, of the Richard Devries yarn is named after a remote village in Scotland.  The beads can remind me of raindrops.

The Kaffecushion is sewn together and is at the shop.  The colors are so pretty and it is a good project to show off both the color and yarn.  Rowan Pure Wool Worsted is very nice to work with and the colors are just beautiful.

The cushion is 24" x 24" and propped against the little cupboard my father made for my sister the year I was born.  It is a piece of furniture I treasure.
Next is Greta, the fingering weight cardigan.  I joined the sleeves and the body last night.  It is a good thing the cable on the circular needle is long to
accommodate the 457 stitches!  I will scout out some buttons next time I am at the shop.  Photos will be posted when the yoke has progressed.

Last week I got an email from Blue Sky to do some sample work--not knitted--and I am excited to work on it.

Saturday was spin-in at Anoka Fiber Works.  We had a pretty big crowd and had to move the circle bigger.  I may not be buying yarn, but when I saw the gorgeous clouds from Linda, I could not resist.  I have the light art yarn spun from the batt I made while visiting Joanne in Texas and the colors would look good with the blue and white cloud.

Dark Side of the Moon, a blend of Cormo wool and ink blue silk noil.  It is not  finished yet, but I made good progress.
A soft, fluffy cloud of BFL.