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WIPs and even the kitchen sink

 This was spindle spun with my Icelandic birch spindle I bought on a visit to Thingborg in Iceland. The wool was a birthday gift from Mikey.  I ended up with 5 skeins of white, 4 skeins each of the grays, and 1 skein of the black for a total of 876 yards.
Deb Peterson's "Kitchen Sink" fiber that came off the drum turned into beautiful yarn.  I spun this with the bottom whorl spindle that Rob made.  Deb owns Ewespun Fiber Mill at Old Man Wool Farm.

Progress on Ben's Moose Sweater, sleeves.

The back and one front.  The other front is about one-third finished.

Sample swatch for an upcoming class at Anoka Fiber Works,
Around the World in Knitting--Cables

On the Cricket, the Pontunic front panels.  One of the threads broke and I had to add another piece.  This one is going slowly because I haven't been taking this loom to AFW for Weaving Wednesday.

On Hank are the scarves for Jim and Ben.  The warp is Harrisville Shetland in foliage and the weft is some tweed I picked up in Cashel, Ireland.  I like the broken twill pattern.  Things clicked into place with learning how to read the pattern and understand the tie-up for the treadles.  I have to decide whether to change the weft yarn for the second scarf.