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Snowshoeing toward 2011

We took presents and dessert over to my Mom's yesterday.  She was ready to turn off her tree lights!  My brother called as we walked in and it was good to talk to him and niece Mariana, too.
Ben looking very north-woodsy.
Me in the quicksand snow!
Jim poses like Captain Morgan.
The snow was so deep, just like quicksand!  I had to let Jim and Ben be the trailblazers. I managed to break into a run, but took a face plant in the snow.  It was funny.  I felt like Randy from "A Christmas Story" trying to get up!  There were a few skiers out and we saw a doe and two fawns.  It is a quiet and beautiful place in the winter.  We had the rouladen cooking in the crock pot all afternoon and we were ready for Christmas supper when we got home.


Merry Christmas!

Snow on the ground...
Candy canes...
The tree is trimmed...
Santa Claus is coming...


Climbing toward 2011!

Yesterday my friend, Sebra, and I went to Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul.  As you can see, we had fun climbing.  Sebra's an experienced climber and I'm a novice.  She took my photo on my way up to the top!
A successful climb to the top--happy time!

This is just one of the climbing areas.

Floating down--so fun!

Sebra's a good teacher.  We had so much fun.


Ho-ho-ho look at all the snow!

The wind was very strong during the storm!
Little snowman
Ben is home.  All is right with the world.  His buddies came by last night.  We had a rib dinner and Muddy Paws Cheesecake for dessert.  The tree is up, the cards and presents are sent, snow is on the ground, and we just have to bake.  
This Christmas I am so grateful we are healthy (except for colds).  It is always a good way to begin a new year!  
Tomorrow we are expecting more snow.  Last weekend was the BIG snow.  One of the top five in Minnesota history!  Being snowed in certainly put one in a Christmasy mood.  We decorated the tree and I put up some decorations around the house.  
My new classes are up on the Shepherd's Choice website.  I am excited to teach new classes!

This was taken at night--the snow made it look much lighter!
Smiling suns
Cheery centerpiece
Flying high on the Christmas tree!
Making trenches for Eevee.



I picked up the needles again to make some more ornaments.  I was digging around and found a vintage reindeer chart.  It worked well for a knitted ornament.  
10.12.10  Gosh, time is whizzing by this month!  Now we've had the tree up since Sunday, and it's lovely despite no adornment!  I worked very hard on my schedule for my new classes.  I think we have good ones coming up!
14.12.10  This is becoming a long post!  We have the tree up and some decorations around the house.  Unfortunately, the house is a disaster.  It looks like a wrapping paper/yarn bomb went off.  I'll finish up the boxes to send tomorrow and then I can get things cleaned up before Ben comes home.  We will bake cookies this weekend.  
We had one of the top five snowfalls in Minnesota history last Saturday.  It was something!  The wind turned it into a blizzard.  Jim made paths for Eevee to use in the yard.  I shoveled a path for her on the deck and cleared the steps.
 Today was my day with my mother.  We went out to lunch.  I bundled her up and she loved seeing all the snow.  At 94, she just loves getting out and about.  Christmas music was playing in the restaurant.  When we went to the restroom, we sang "Winter Wonderland."  She forgot the words, but sang la-las with gusto!  We sang all the way back to her place and she was able to join in on the baking activity.