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A fresh coat of snow and a new start

I decided to post of photo of the vest--what's left of the old and the new beginning. I rip to a point and knit from the old. After all these years I still don't own a ball winder--I know, I know--one of these days I'll get one. I didn't set up the shot; I just opened the knitting bag and let the contents burst out. (Sigh)
Anyway, I'm not posting a photo of the sno
w. I have enough photos of that this year. It was in the upper 70s earlier this week. Tomorrow we play bells in church, so I can wear black comfortably. However, I will change before class. Black is so funereal. We look good when performing, though.
Ben and I went to the musical last night. "A" is first chair violin, and she was playing in the pit. The kids did a great job with Beauty and the Beast. We know another cast member (one of the silly girls in the musical). Ben saw lots of people he knew. That red letter jacket really stands out. The other school's color is blue.


It's raining frogs!

I'm turning back time on the Clock Vest...no comment...no photo...grrrrr...



As you can see, I'm slowly but surely making progress. I posted the picture of the latest t-shirt design on the top left side of the blog. I don't know what color, yet. The order is going through DECA so we can get it for a good price. This one was easy and went really fast. I don't know what the saying is on the back, something about predicting the last three depressions. Anyway, I liked doing that for the class.
Ben and I will go to the musical at the (rival) high school. "A" plays violin in the orchestra, and we know one of the actresses. I have to pick up the tickets today. When I was in high school, I liked orchestra better than band. It was fun to play in the pit for the musicals.
Yesterday was gorgeous, and I worked in the yard most of the day. I can feel it in my wrists. Bell practice was a bear and I'm pretty sore today. I'm grateful I don't play any lower! We'll play in church on Sunday. The piece we commissioned for the director is coming along. The first part is adagio, and the second part is (for lack of a better word) FAST.
Oh, I hear rain. It's supposed to be 67 today and 46 tomorrow. Dang! If I had the vest done I could wear it!


I'm back!

We're expecting 74 today with sunshine. Eevee and I will go for long walkies today.
Ben had a blast at the prom and looked so handsome. His date was a really nice girl. The parents and the kids met at a park and had a photo session. It was very cold, but we got some nice pictures of the couples. I made dinner for Ben, his date, and her friend. Jim and I waited on them. Ben's date works at a restaurant and brought two pies. Fresh strawberry and a berry pie. YUM! The tulips were the centerpiece on the table. Note the color of her dress--he was glad it wasn't pink or purple. They looked sharp. It seems as though purple was the color this year.
I've been working on another design--this time for the economics class. Ben took it to school to show his teacher.
The vest is progressing. I want to finish the back soon. I keep making mistakes...the vest goes where I go, and I need some uninterrupted knitting time so I can focus on the traveling pattern.


One word...

PROM--I'll be back after this weekend's over!


V is for victory!

I've made it past the large cable in the back (while fighting off the knitting demons) and now the area splits into two cables (matching the front and side cables) with the center V of decorative K sts and P sts. It's easy to see any mistakes and I take the time to check each RS row.
It turns out that the bumps on the underside of my fingers are normal wear and tear from use or overuse (my guess is knitting because it's on my right hand--thank you Dora, for teaching me to knit English style). Great, it's called Dupuytren's Contracture, which can be inherited, and most often found in middle-aged people of northern European ancestry. The condition is painless (NOT!) and can eventually restrict movement so much that the fingers can't straighten. Gee, thanks ancestors! At least I know what it is and what will try not to trash my hands too much. Could be worse, like carpal tunnel. Anyway, that's that, and I won't get bent out of shape over it. (Humpf!)


Ooo-ahh, cables!

The color's not accurate, but the photo shows off the back cable texture. I fought off the knitting demons over the weekend and now making progress toward the upcoming split. At first I didn't like KTBL for the cables, but it makes the detail pop out as the work progresses. Sometimes you have to trust the process. That means practicing what I preach to my students.
After a nice weekend, we have snow again. I'd like to stay home today and just keep purging the basement and my office, but I
have class today. The spinning fiber is down to four under-the-bed tubs and the yarn stash is in four tubs (of course this doesn't include the small dresser, two small cedar chests, knitting bags and antique suitcase. Most of the yarn is leftover from other projects or handspun, and only one tub has actual fiber for larger projects. The knitting side is in good shape, now for the art side (that includes the closet). I've been working on the basement, too. The tubs are now in the corner and I moved the dresser closer to the door. I can feel it today! Time to get back to work!



I'm progressing at a good pace now that the cable panels are established. Kathy, you're right--this is a fun one to knit! I love this yarn. I know I'll have leftovers, but I'll have a vest that I love to wear and that's the reason I knit. (Sorry about the photo, my batteries are low.)
A LYS went out of business this week and I broke my rule (not to buy any more yarn). I got ten skeins of Ella Rae Silkience and 18 skeins of Kathmandu Aran( note that it's gray with fleck of blue (and green!). That's the yarn I've tagged for St. Brigid (IF I have enough, I'm too lazy to do the math right now). I'm glad the shop owner isn't going to completely quit the business. She's going to do on-line sales and "party" type sales, AND she's starting a group on one Tuesday evening a month at a local coffee shop.
Ben's teacher got 42 orders for Sigi t-shirts. I'll get mine for FREE! Very cool...



This post would have made more sense yesterday. We had quite a lot of snow. It was so pretty when I took the photos, but is quickly melting...well, at least the most recent layer!
The clock vest is going fairly well. I have to get through the first couple of rows of the cables on the fronts and sides. Thank heaven for charts! That was the problem with the cardigan--written instructions for the cables. What a pain! When the pattern's established, then I'll post some photos.
The Sigi Freud design went over well at the high school, so some of the teachers will order one. B
en's German teacher wants me to design the German Club t-shirt for next year. This year's was a big hit. Just to let you know how much times have changed--his cigar got edited--I turned it into a pencil!