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V is for victory!

I've made it past the large cable in the back (while fighting off the knitting demons) and now the area splits into two cables (matching the front and side cables) with the center V of decorative K sts and P sts. It's easy to see any mistakes and I take the time to check each RS row.
It turns out that the bumps on the underside of my fingers are normal wear and tear from use or overuse (my guess is knitting because it's on my right hand--thank you Dora, for teaching me to knit English style). Great, it's called Dupuytren's Contracture, which can be inherited, and most often found in middle-aged people of northern European ancestry. The condition is painless (NOT!) and can eventually restrict movement so much that the fingers can't straighten. Gee, thanks ancestors! At least I know what it is and what will try not to trash my hands too much. Could be worse, like carpal tunnel. Anyway, that's that, and I won't get bent out of shape over it. (Humpf!)


Kathy said...

What we endure for our art! The vest is looking good. With this weather, you may still have a few opportunities to wear it before spring is sprung.

Deborah said...

No kidding! I went to recycle some of our electronics this morning and was all set with magazines and my knitting...it took all of maybe 20 minutes. I was set to get to the underarms today. Oh well.

Joanne said...

Gorgeous vest! You are doing a fantastic job. You go girl!