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Spinning, Knitting, and Shetland

The night before I left on my trip to Shetland I took a spin-for-color-class taught by Doreen of Goldfish Love.  I grabbed the bag of colors from the Kerry Woolen Mill, Louie, and learned about spinning Noro-style yarn.  It was such fun.  I actually liked the mistake skein better than my second skein.  In my excitement I pulled a color out of order when I was spinning. A happy accident.  There are many possibilities with this spinning technique!
Naturally I had to choose six colors!

This is how the single looks on the bobbin.

The bottom skein is the one with the "mistake" and the top skein is my second and successful skein.  They are both two-ply yarns.
The more the colors are carded, the more subtle the color gradation.
I had this going when class ended.  I have to admit I like the color bits in the transition colors.

With wool and color dancing in my head I slept well before leaving the next day for Shetland.  The first two legs of the trip were eventful by spirited children and a screamer.  (Having traveled with a little one and experiencing a painful ear during take off and landing I understand.)  The seven-hour and one minute flight to Dublin was one minute too long, as I gave up my aisle seat on a very crowded airplane.  I am a seasoned traveler, but over the years I prefer to sit in an aisle seat on long flights.  My neighbor was a nice man and we chatted off and on during the flight keeping tabs on the hockey playoff scores.  Anyway, the leg of the trip between Dublin and Edinburgh was uneventful.  I met up with the group at the gate and after introductions we had a short flight to Shetland.  
My first impression was that it reminded me of Ireland.  The cliffs were impressive!  I was  not expecting them to be so high.  It was warm, with the mist rolling in and out the first day. 

Audrey peers out the window at the spectacular cliffs of Shetland.

Wildflowers were blooming everywhere.

Color in every nook and cranny!

Whale bone

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Steep cliffs in the mist.
More to come...