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Ravelympics 2010

The games aren't only in Vancouver, BC!  I've finished one project (most of my events are WIP dancing) and am working on two at the same time--more or less.  It's fun.  Time to get back to the TV to watch the men skate.



Birthday wishes and snow!

Happy 100th Birthday to the Boy Scouts of America!

We're in the grip of a good old-fashioned snow!  It's realy lovely, but a little bit of a pain to have to drive in it.  I have to work today and tonight.  A good day to wear my uniform!  My new sweater looks nice with my uniform...the rusty brown matches the khaki and O D green!  
As I look out my window I can see that we're at about 15" or so.  It felt like a LOT more when I was shoveling it off the deck this morning!  Jim had to re-plow Eevee's trails in the back yard.  This is good snowshoeing weather.  Maybe we'll be able to do that over the weekend.  
I've finally got a photo of the Rustic cardigan, which looks very nice with my uniform today.  I had one of my students take a photo of me this morning after class.