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A little bit of Wood Badge bling

I have been busy getting ready for course.  I made some bling for the patrol flags, staff, my patrol, and other Bears (I am part of the Bear Patrol).  I could not find a stamp, so I made one.  Fortunately there were materials in my art supplies!  I bought some wooden discs, lanyard clips, and leather cording.  I had plenty of beads and leather scraps left over from our days in Cub Scouting.  Copper and gold paint were in the paint bin, and showed up nicely on the wood and leather.  I could not find Jim's drill, so I used my hand drill to put holes in the pieces.  Stamping went much quicker!  A few beads added before tying on the lanyard clips and they were finished.  Now to add the course number and my initials to the ones for my patrol and the patrol flags.  I might have to make more for Philmont.

The stamp and one of the leather shapes with a gold bear.
I used copper and gold paint on the stamp.
The whitish pony beads glow in the dark.  


Loose ends

I am sure this describes not only my WIPs, but this week in general.  The Wood Badge course is looming large, I have to send a box to Ben, mail a box to my cousin in Ohio, pack, clean, etc, etc...Woody Bear is cheering me on!
Between all the other tasks, I managed to spin with the spindle a bit and work on the scarf.  I am in the yellow portion of the colorway, which means the project is almost finished.
Woody Bear--always smiling
I am doing a bit of spinning...
...and knitting!
Jim has been texting me now and then from Philmont.  The last text was from Clark's Fork.  Ben is good about calling before he leaves for the back country and when he returns to Base Camp.
I finished the little sweater.  It turned out cute--I altered the sleeves by only knitting three rows of stockinette stitch and then ending with four rows of garter stitch.  I found the perfect buttons in my large button jar and now it is ready to go.
Working on the body.
All finished and ready to go!


Sum-sum-summertime projects

On Tuesday, I took a rug hooking class taught by Paulette Wentzlaff of River Rock Wool.  This is something I wanted to do for years and it was fun.  We are working on a small project and it is amazing how the same project looks different when worked by a variety of students.  Now that I have the tools, the fiber stash may not end up as knitted projects!  The wool is soft and when I switched to the comfortable hook--I was really hooked!  I see sheepy projects in the future.

I just love doing this project.  The focus seems to be on graceful
lines rather than even loops!  It will be steam blocked, so I am
hopeful the imperfections will not be as noticeable.  It is fun to work!
This week is all about preparing for the Wood Badge course coming up.  I am practicing my presentations, thinking about what I have to pack, etc.  This will be my first time as a staffer.  Having been on staff for Grey Wolf last summer helps my level of confidence a bit.  Deep breaths!  I know it will be an intensely busy week, but I will be sure to take a small project along.

Woody Bear is giving me tips for being a good Troop Guide.
New classes are on the schedule for the summer and I am making progress on my projects.  Some slower than others, but progress nonetheless.

A cute baby cardigan--Concentric Stripes, easy and quick knitting.

Working my way through the rainbow of Kauni colors.

A little progress on Eala Bahn.

There are a couple (more) books in my library.  I found Vintage Modern Knits at Half Price Books.  I do not feel guilty, as I regularly sift through my library and clear out books.  It is difficult, but if there is not room on the shelf then something has to go.
Knit One Knit All was a book under my radar.  The patterns are by Elizabeth Zimmerman and all garter stitch.  I think the garter stitch hat is quite nice and the little cabled cardigan is perfect for  a fun topper.  Oh, there are plenty of other patterns.  If there are at least three patterns in a book that appeal to me I can justify the purchase.

A floppy hat and cabled cardigan are just two of the patterns
I want to knit in the future.


I'm happy when I'm hiking...

Jim and I had a nice weekend.  We hiked on Saturday at the Coon Rapids Dam and I took my camera along.  The weather was perfect, the Mississippi River was high, and there were lots of people out and about in the park.  Of course, the main attraction when you arrive is the dam.  On one side of the bridge the water is calm and reflective and on the other side it flows fast and hard.  The sound is very loud and watching the iron-colored river water is mesmerizing.  Just below that area is where we went canoeing.  Right now it is a bit dangerous and some of the entry points and locks are closed.

Jim checks his GPS on our way inside the park.
Self-portrait o{]:^)
Calm waters on one side...
Rushing water over the dam on the other side.

Spider webs decorate the bridge.

Bits of color on the walk.

A deer plays in the water.  We enjoyed watching
it dance and jump in the water.

Three turtles sunning on a small island.

A deer checks us out before running away.

Lots of fishermen out--I do not know if they had any luck.

The iron-brown color reminds me more of coffee or root beer.

The churning water looks like it is boiling.

Jim walking to the car with a couple of Canada geese.


Knitting and Spinning Update

I have been working on the scarves and have to get back to the Secret Garden cardigan. Now that Ben is in New Mexico, I am focusing on my Troop Guide presentations for course.  It is looming large in my future!
The natural light is good today, so I had a little photo session with some WIPs and handspun.  A couple of recent photos are added, also...

Hail from the storm on Sunday.  It was so loud against
the windows, just like the hail storms in Texas!  The shapes
were perfect and the layers made them look pretty.
I was happy not to be hit on the head by them!

This morning a baby bunny was checking out the patio.
There are bits of leaves from the storm and we did not
put the chairs back, yet.  We tucked them underneath
the deck and removed the umbrella from its stand.

The New Box of Crayons (Paintbox Scarf, by Lucy Neatby)
made with Kauni Solid and Color.

The Swoosh.  This is a fun and easy project similar to the Baktus  Scarf.
Opal sock yarn in Van Gogh colorway.

This is the first 8 ounces of the tweed.
I am just about finished with spinning the singles
from the second 8 ounces.  I checked out the wraps
last night at class and it is 10 WPI, which is exactly
what I wanted.  Hopefully I will be as fortunate with the yardage!
Natural gray wool with silk noils.