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Knitting and Spinning Update

I have been working on the scarves and have to get back to the Secret Garden cardigan. Now that Ben is in New Mexico, I am focusing on my Troop Guide presentations for course.  It is looming large in my future!
The natural light is good today, so I had a little photo session with some WIPs and handspun.  A couple of recent photos are added, also...

Hail from the storm on Sunday.  It was so loud against
the windows, just like the hail storms in Texas!  The shapes
were perfect and the layers made them look pretty.
I was happy not to be hit on the head by them!

This morning a baby bunny was checking out the patio.
There are bits of leaves from the storm and we did not
put the chairs back, yet.  We tucked them underneath
the deck and removed the umbrella from its stand.

The New Box of Crayons (Paintbox Scarf, by Lucy Neatby)
made with Kauni Solid and Color.

The Swoosh.  This is a fun and easy project similar to the Baktus  Scarf.
Opal sock yarn in Van Gogh colorway.

This is the first 8 ounces of the tweed.
I am just about finished with spinning the singles
from the second 8 ounces.  I checked out the wraps
last night at class and it is 10 WPI, which is exactly
what I wanted.  Hopefully I will be as fortunate with the yardage!
Natural gray wool with silk noils.

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Kathy said...

Mmmmm. Pretty yarn. Not too crazy about those bunnies though.