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Keeping Christmas

Around the house at Christmastime...
Zach, Ben, and Scott got together and did some
Dutch oven baking.  One creation was delicious.
Lemon Blueberry Cobbler made with fresh blueberries
...and a dash of Jack Daniels "sauce." 
This was a gift from a friend last year and
has a place on Grandma's dresser in the
dining room for the winter months.
This little doll tops the small tree on the kitchen counter top.
She was made by Joanne.  :^)
This little fellow might be the only snow
we see this winter!
Jim likes to wear this hat.
Chocolate chip Heath Bar toffee cookies...
...and Brown Sugar Cut-Outs (bears, trees, and puppy dogs).
The puppy dogs were cut with Grandma B's cookie cutter.
This is about all the snow that showed up before Christmas. 
The Boy Scout side of the tree. 
Jim picked out the nicest little tree.
It brought back memories of Germany.
I love the tree-top angel.
I thought the key chain made a nice ornament.
It is a photo of Ben.


I heart felt!

Here is a project I finished in under 30 minutes--a Heartfelt Ring, by Tiny Owl Knits.  It was fun to knit and then felt.  I will wear it tonight while I teach.  My finger will be nice and warm.

This is a warm fuzzy!



How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?  --Dr. Seuss
I agree Dr. Seuss!
I took my mother to see Santa.
When he asked her what she wanted she said, "Everything!"
I made the doorknob decoration in Girl Scouts.
Decorations for the tree.
It is getting late and I am just now catching up.  We have a little tree this year.  Jim cut down a small one and it looks just like the ones we used to get in Germany.  I still have to find the candles and put them in the holders.  NO we don't light them...they're just for show.  It's breakfast for supper tonight--pancakes!
I finished another baby sweater and now they are ready to be sent.
Sweater for a little boy.


It's snow wonder...

Last week the squirrels were busy gathering acorns and even whole apples!  I was not quick enough to capture a photo of a large squirrel climbing the pine tree with an apple bigger than his head, but I managed to see him sitting up in the tree enjoying a snack.  Today MiniD and Jojo just could not resist going outside to make snow angels.  I want the snow to get a bit deeper before I make one.
You have to look closely to find Mr. Squirrel.
MiniD and Jojo making snow angels. 
Two little angels.
Knitting...I am making progress on Eala Bhan.  I made it past row 21 and once I am on the second chart, the knitting will be smoother.  A baby cardigan is in progress.  I bought another skein of the Bernat Mosaic.  The color-way will be nice for  a boy.
Ben is presenting and defending his senior thesis tomorrow.  Naturally he is a bit nervous, but he will survive this busy week filled with classes, more papers, swim practices, student government, and leading study sessions...and I think I am busy?  He will be home in two weeks, which makes us very happy.  This last year of college is speeding along.
Time to get back to work re-organizing my office.



I was reading a blog the other day and noticed a familiar project.  It was from a 1978 issue of McCall's Super-Book of Knitting and Crochet.  I remember the project and felt the need to seek out the magazine.  I lucked out and found one with a day left on EBay, and won the bid.  It is on its way.  The postage is almost as much as the magazine, but considering how much magazines cost these days--it was a bargain.
I even remember the model's name--Sunny Griffin...
Is this a cool tunic or what???
Last night we had (BSA) Round Table.  My Dutch oven offering was Pumpkin Delight.  It was very good and popular.  The Cub Scouters were wandering in after word got around there was something good at the Boy Scout breakout.  It was cold yesterday, and I just ran outside about every 20 minutes to check and turn the oven.  Sock Monkey wanted to join me and he made a snow angel.  Not much help, but entertaining!  I was wearing quite the getup--short-overalls, tights, knee socks, hiking boots (untied), hat, and an over sized fleece top.  The neighbors probably think I am from another planet when I go outside.  
Preparing coals in a chimney.
Coals are placed below and on the lid to heat the oven.
My very attractive outfit.  You can see my slippers inside.
A Sock Monkey snow angel. 
Mmmm...this smelled so good and was yummy!