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My second drop spindling class was yesterday. We had a blast. I'm amazed how quickly my students picked up the technique within three hours (and that included lunch!). I took a three-day class when I learned how to spin. The first day was the drop spindle, and then the next two days were on the wheel. MiniD and Jojo helped out and were huddled together by my coffee cup and basket of handspun samples.


Sunshine and fresh snow

It's sunny today and there's a bit of snow on the ground--just enough to cover the yukky stuff.
Today's my housework day--ugh! Not much to do, just not my favorite thing to do! I decided to re-knit the Noro scarf. It was just way too long for my height. I cast on more stitches, and decided to slip the first stitch as if to knit when I come back on the second row of color. It's a mistake stitch rib, which has nice texture and shows off the colors. Ribbing is a multiple of 4 + 1, *k2, p2, end p1*, repeat for every row.
I finished test-knitting Joanne's Peek a Boo Mitts and love them! They were easy and fast to knit. I wore them yesterday over a pair of plain, bright pink gloves. Getting the photo was tricky. I had the camera set up at the computer, and had to hit the mouse button and pose my hands before the click!
Time to get back to work so I can have some knitting time before bells tonight.



Happy Valentine's Day!
This card is from my personal collection of childhood and antiqe Valentines.
On the back is says to Debbie Mc. from Mike. Thanks Mike.



Today's my day to get stuff done around the house. It's one day when I don't have to be anyplace other than bell practice later today. It's still pretty dreary outside, but I like days like this. Even though it's warmer, I may start up a little fire in the fireplace when I'm done with work.
The Montauk is progressing, I have the back done. I got sidetracked by some lovely Araucania Ulmo in a pink and orange colorway for a Shape It Scarf, but Sally Melville. My students in the 2-4 Sunday class started making the scarf from one skein of the yarn before Christmas and things took off from there. The colors are wonderful and the drape is perfect for year round wear.
Seamus made his debut last week and everyone was quite taken with him. I bought some stuff to make Valentines for friends and have to post them today. The antique Valentines are part of my collection.
Jim is taking Angelika and I out to lunch in St. Paul on Saturday and then we'll explore the shops in the tunnels. Sounds like fun! Angelika made an almond cake the other day. Oh my, is it good!
I got a lot accomplished today. I made some Valentines and then addressed some others and made up a box for Ben. He's on taper, so I sent him some Altoids. I have some mending to do and then it'll be time for bell practice.


Have a heart!

Today is the day to wear red as a reminder to take care of your heart health! With that in mind...I'm sending heartfelt wishes to you. Jim brought home red dress pins and bracelets for Angelika and for me to wear today.
The basket and heart are from a Fiber Trends pattern. They are quick and easy to knit. I felted
them in my kitchen sink. I have red and pink oddments left over from other shop projects, so this is a fun stash buster.
The Montauk is coming along quickly. I love how the yarn is knitting up. I'd picked out buttons last week and I thought I'd go with a favorite button of mine. I've used it before and you can see why I like it so much. I really like Kim Dolce's designs. They are simple, but stylish and when you pick the right yarn--well, it's knitting zen. St. B. was like that, too. I enjoyed knitting it and the yarn was like icing on the cake.
We're expecting temps in the 40s today, which is quite a change for us. It's been a long winter and I know it's not over. March is the second snowiest month up here. My car needs an oil change and wash today. I'm sure there will be a line, but I'll have knitting with me today.
Today is Friendship Friday at the shop, and Seamus will be my little guest.


Top 'o the evening to you!

May I introduce Seamus O'Gnome? Ta-da! Thanks to Margie for giving him a name. I think it suits him just fine. Coco Gnomette is smitten and there's romance in the air as Valentine's Day approaches. I've been busy picking up some more hours at the shop. It's time to sleep...zzzzz...