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Top 'o the evening to you!

May I introduce Seamus O'Gnome? Ta-da! Thanks to Margie for giving him a name. I think it suits him just fine. Coco Gnomette is smitten and there's romance in the air as Valentine's Day approaches. I've been busy picking up some more hours at the shop. It's time to sleep...zzzzz...


Margie said...

Seamus, what a treat to finally meet you and you do look dashing in your green, I love the four leaf shamrock, you look quite the sham rogue.
Deborah seamus is a credit to you. I can envisage him drowning the shamrock on St. Patricks Day 17th March. Well done. hugs Margie.

Deborah said...

Now that, I must say, is a compliment! Thank you so much, Margie! I like the terms "sham rogue" and "drowning the shamrock." I'm quite sure he'll do that!!

Joanne said...

Seamus is absolutely adorable! Great job!