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Today's my day to get stuff done around the house. It's one day when I don't have to be anyplace other than bell practice later today. It's still pretty dreary outside, but I like days like this. Even though it's warmer, I may start up a little fire in the fireplace when I'm done with work.
The Montauk is progressing, I have the back done. I got sidetracked by some lovely Araucania Ulmo in a pink and orange colorway for a Shape It Scarf, but Sally Melville. My students in the 2-4 Sunday class started making the scarf from one skein of the yarn before Christmas and things took off from there. The colors are wonderful and the drape is perfect for year round wear.
Seamus made his debut last week and everyone was quite taken with him. I bought some stuff to make Valentines for friends and have to post them today. The antique Valentines are part of my collection.
Jim is taking Angelika and I out to lunch in St. Paul on Saturday and then we'll explore the shops in the tunnels. Sounds like fun! Angelika made an almond cake the other day. Oh my, is it good!
I got a lot accomplished today. I made some Valentines and then addressed some others and made up a box for Ben. He's on taper, so I sent him some Altoids. I have some mending to do and then it'll be time for bell practice.

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, hope your wednesday was wonderful after, lovely post, hearing about your day. Those cards are really cute, and I hope that saturday is a great day out for you all. My regards to Seamus. hugs Margie.