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Project progress

A few days ago...I'm making quick work of the Bistro Shirt.  After it's finished, I have to suck it up and work on Kilimanjaro.  The other skeins of the natural Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran came last week.  It's lovely yarn and I'll have to find something lovely to make with the yarn--but then I have lots of lovely yarn in the stash! 

I'm sitting on the porch and enjoying the breeze, the emerging leaves, and birds singing.  It's just cool enough for a sweater, which is always a bonus.
30.04.10  The shirt is finished and I have photos.  I think I'll wear it today.
Postscript...I wore it today and it's just lovely against the skin, although I might have been able to use it as a vest--it got chilly and rainy this afternoon!



When I was little, my favorite color was blue.  My sister and I shared a bedroom and when it was time to paint, I begged Pop to paint the room blue.  He painted the room a nice robin's egg blue, which I loved, but eventually the novelty wore off.  I haven't been a fan of blue as a room color since, and other than jeans I don't wear blue often.  The shop has some lovely cotton yarns currently in stock and to promote one of them (and make a new top) Paula thought the Bistro Shirt would be a nice way to show off Queensland Collection's Pima Fresca.  It comes in lovely colors--Carol's making a top with the orange and I passed up the green for a denim blue.  I love knitting with this cotton.  It has a nice thick and thin texture and is kettle dyed, so there's a little variation in the color.  The pattern is from Oat Couture and very simple and fast to knit.  I'm already on the cap sleeve shaping on the back.  It's a welcome break from my involved projects of lace, cables, and color work.  



It's been a gorgeous week so far.  We are expecting some much-needed rain over the weekend.
I finished the cardigan!  I like it.  I'm always amazed how Lopi yarn blocks.  My sweater fits beautifully and smoothed out nicely.  I found buttons today, choosing some brass buttons to match the yellow in the yoke.  We're going out tonight and maybe I can wear it--it's still chilly when the sun goes down.
I'd like to do a steeked sweater again and may have to make an owl cardigan for the fall...


Light at the end of the tunnel...

Finally!  The work on the Lopi cardigan is done and I can get ready to block this sweater!  I can't say it was a favorite to make, but I did like doing my first official steeked project.  It was successful.  The little ends still cause worry, but I won't even go there!  I'm never happy with my Lopi sweaters until they are blocked, and I have to have patience.  In the meantime I picked up a skein of sock yarn at Shepherd's Choice and a freebie pattern for a scarf.  I need a good, mindless project between the big projects.  It's quite fun to make and I loved the sample at SC.
The classes on Sunday are combining, I'll have my Monday evenings off, too--it's that time of year.  It's okay, though.  I'll have to pinch my pennies until fall.  Heaven knows I have enough yarn and fiber to keep me busy!


Eek--it's a steek!

I finally finished the yoke, secured the steek stitches and cut.  Less painful than I figured.  I have to say the instructions for this sweater are a bit cryptic.  The author assumes the knitter is knowledgeable about construction and finishing.  Ever the teacher, I look at it from a new knitter's prospective.  However, I like the fit so far and I think it will be a favorite sweater.  
I made the Concentric shawlette for the shop, and it was a fun and easy project.  The size is perfect for a summer evening to wear over bare shoulders.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Happy Spring!


It's a good Friday in more ways than one...

Even though rain is in the forecast, it's going to be another lovely day.  The temp will be in the 70s again and it's a good day to open all the windows and let in the fresh air! 
The latest newsletter from the shop features some of my students (and me) wearing finished projects.  I'm so proud!  I finally downloaded a cute pattern for a quick project--Bunny Nuggets, by Rebecca Danger.  They are adorable and I'm making up four for the LYS owners.  I'll finish them today so they will have them before Sunday.  
Last night was Round Table and I can't believe we have one more before the steak fry in June.  I made Southwestern Egg Bake last night for the Dutch oven sample.  They were very good.  I brought along some red salsa, which was really tasty spooned on the eggs.  It's made with green salsa and chilies, so (as usual) I thought it needed some more color!
Poor Baci is trying to keep the Bunny Nuggets together for the photo.  They are now at the shop.  Paula was working and picked out the tan bunny.  They are so cute!
So much for the windows, as it decided to rain.  It's okay because we certainly need the rain.