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Eek--it's a steek!

I finally finished the yoke, secured the steek stitches and cut.  Less painful than I figured.  I have to say the instructions for this sweater are a bit cryptic.  The author assumes the knitter is knowledgeable about construction and finishing.  Ever the teacher, I look at it from a new knitter's prospective.  However, I like the fit so far and I think it will be a favorite sweater.  
I made the Concentric shawlette for the shop, and it was a fun and easy project.  The size is perfect for a summer evening to wear over bare shoulders.


Sherry said...

Hi, I was wondering where you found the Icelandic sweater pattern in English..... ? And is is knitted in the round and cut in the front for buttons?

Sherry said...

Hi, I hope I'm not duplicating myself to you. I left a note somewhere about this issue . . . !

Your blog is in English, but the PDF for the pattern you made is in either Swedish or Icelandic or something. Do you read the Scandinavian language or is there somewhere I can get the pattern in English?

I've knitted several pair of socks, but this will be my first sweater, and I love the design and the button-up feature, and the fact that it's in-the-round. Would very much love to knit this -- when I finish my other four projects already started : )

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

Deborah said...

The free pattern is not available in English. The English version is in Lett-Lopi book 16. Check the link below and scroll down to book 16. It was a 100th anniversary edition and the patterns were part of a design competition. I love this sweater and wanted to make it as soon as I saw it!


Sherry said...

Deborah, thanks so much for letting me know where to find the pattern. $29 is rather steep, though. Out of all the patterns I viewed, this one caught my eye the most, but much as I love this pattern I may have to choose something else -- or hope that someone can translate it for me. Pattern must come from Scandinavia to be so expensive.