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When witches go riding,
And black cats are seen,
The moon laughs and whispers,
'Tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown



I cannot believe it is now mid-October!  We had a brief color change with the trees this year.  Looking at my photos, I would never think that all those lovely trees would be bare or dried up.  I managed to gather some leaves for pressing, which I later dipped in wax and gave to my Mom.  She loved it.  I put them on her table so she can look at them while she has her coffee.  She used to do that when she was a little girl, and I still cannot resist picking up pretty leaves.
Being secretary of the troop has really kept me hopping.   I made templates for the weekly announcements, the monthly parent meeting minutes, and sign-in sheet.  The weekly announcements went out on meeting night after the meeting!  Huzzah!
Knitting is progressing.  The blue vest is resting after surgery (steek-cutting) and the red vest is ready to work the fronts, as the back is almost finished.  I am making a hat as a shop sample--not sure I am crazy about the pattern, but I chose a bright greenish-yellow for the main color.  The variegated yarn is in pink, purple, orange...originally I found some purple that was perfect, but it was difficult to see the rib pattern.  The new color combination will be better.  It is a child's hat, so more color is better!
I've been going through the yarn stash and reorganizing.  Painting on the Advent banner at church has made me miss creating art other than the fiber sort.  We are so close to finishing the banner.  I must remember to take my camera when we work next time.
The felted hat is a recent shop sample I made.  I quickly
designed a hat band for it.  The pattern will follow, soon! 
Kathy gave me a bit of one of the Alpaca fleeces to
spin.  I carded and drop-spindled it. It is so soft and
spinning was smooth and easy.

Here are some photos from our brief Autumn color

I love the contrast of the bright leaves and dark trees.
It was warm, so the sprinklers were going.
Eevee takes a break under the treeless tree house.
I have apples from Kathy (from the shop) to use and also Ben has requested some Hudson Bay Bread.  Today and tomorrow will be baking days.