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I finally had the opportunity to photograph some sweaters. I want my photos to be more consistent, so I set up my little studio on the three seasons porch complete with a white background and natural light. Here are some of the
lts--I posted three yesterday. The capelet is Brown Sheep worsted and the pattern is from Wrap Style. The vest is my handspun and original design. I think they look rather good. (And yes, I know the cable in front on the right is incorrect--nobody's perfect--by the time I was done there was NO way I was frogging back over 300 stitches per row to fix it.)


Tying up loose ends

This is the week of finishing stuff. I'm on my way with the clock vest, and picking up the cotton cardi again. Also, I don't know if I can squeeze out another pair of short socks from the Noro sock yarn...I may have to figure something else out on that. Anyway, I seem to be making progress.
One skein of Noro is swatched out to see how the Kori squares will look. I think they'll be really pretty. A pop of bright green here and there. The green could also be used for the trimmm...mmmaybenot.
What I need to find is the perfect yarn for St. Brigid. I have the book from the library, so I can study the photos and pattern. Kathy already bought her
yarn and I'm still looking. It has to be fabulous. I won't make the mistake of buying anything less than the best for my cable work (believe me, I've had experience with that!).
It's beastly hot outside and a good aftern
oon to stay in! I re-took photos of the crayon handspun and the Circle Tote and they are so much nicer.


Tick-tock, switch-swatch

Now I have the back done on the vest! I have a project swatched for the Ravelympics and it'll be mindless enough when I watch swimming. It's the Kori vest from Berroco booklet #268, Something About Stripes. The shop had two bags of Noro Kureyon on sale, soooo I got 8 skeins. First, I found the corrections on Berroco's website. The squares are fun to knit and will be portable. The colors in the skein looked garish in spots, but knitted up they are really pretty--just like the gardens on the Bodensee.
Yesterday was such a nice day I sat on the deck in the shade and knitted before Jim came home. Eevee joined me. The photos came out nice and the sky with the pristine white clouds was lovely. If it's still nice this afternoon, I'll have to fix a little pot of tea and do the same while I work on the vest. It should go smoothly since the back is finished--one cable panel per side!
As you can see, the German Club t-shirt design is different. I think the
Ampelmanner are a perfect touch.


The clock is ticking again!

Well, I went over to Wisconsin with J and B to the scout camp and took along my knitting. It's been too long since I worked on it, but I got a few rows done. It's almost to the point it was LAST time when I realized I used the WRONG needle size. I'll post a photo once I get beyond that point!
The bridge across from Neuschwanstein in the photo
on the left is where we find brave MiniD posing (photo on the right-Ben held on to her legs so she wouldn't plunge to a terrible death!). The other photo is from Füssen, a town nearby. We stayed there a couple of nights and loved it. The Ritterfest was starting (Renaissance Fair with an authentic setting and great costumes), so I caught the drummers parading up to the Monastery. It was fun to see all kinds of characters wandering around the town while we were there.



My sock is no longer lonely! I haven't woven in ends, yet. They match, although one toe appears rounder in the photo. I'm trying to squeeze out some footies, but may need to rethink. I'd gone 4 1/2" on the cuffs of these--it may not. Oh well, I'll find a use someplace for the extra. I like this pattern, Play on Ribs (pattern photo from the Internet). I miss that extra needle, though. When I use all five needles, I can try my socks on as I knit.
I'm getting some feedback on my Amherst on Ravelry. That's pretty cool. I wish it was cool enough to wear it again. It's pretty steamy here right now. Tonight's the reunion party for the Germany trip. We're having it here. Jim's under the weather, so Ben and I have lots to do today.
Speaking of Germany...MiniD take
s a break from the backpack at a cafe in Bertesgaden. The BMW museum in Munich was amazing. We happened to be there the day it opened! I've picked out my new car! We had a picnic in the Englischer Garten, and as we left the park we stopped on the bridge to watch the surfers on the river. That looked like fun!


No more second sock syndrome!

I'm burning up my Bryspuns! Right now I'm working the instep of the second sock, so I might be able to call these done tonight. THEN I'll get the clock wound up on the vest, and THEN I'll work on the cotton cardi, depends upon the heat index this week. Carol thought I might be able to squeeze another short pair of socks out of the Noro, and I'll give it a go--use up every bit.
The Amherst was a big hit yesterday, and it's very comfortable. I see a second one in my future (after the other projects in the queue, of course).
Now to catch up with MiniD. Oh, she's traveled back to Potsdam and visited Sans Souci! It was difficult to stand by the palace, as she prefers to sit, but I got a nice photo. Some old guy thought I was nuts, but what the heck! I didn't wander the gardens that day. Rain was a threat and it was beastly hot to walk up and down the steps. I got such good photos of the gardens two years ago. I checked out the gallery instead. Back to Berlin...and the Zoo! The panda was adorable scarfing down his lunch. I'm with you, buddy--only with chocolate!


Coffee and catch-up (mmm...good)

Kathy and I had coffee today and swapped trip stories. That was so nice! She got me a great little book from the Musee D'Orsay, and I never tire of seeing those lovely works of art! Aaaand--she made me some cool magnets. Ben was already eyeing the Germany-themed ones.
Anyway, I've actually taken a little break from knitting for a couple of days. The clock vest is here at my computer desk ticking away (it's not done until the birdie sings!). I'm just catching my breath and doing laundry. Going through the photos, I thought we'd take a little trip to Berlin and Rothenburg with my intrepid alter ego, MiniD. Yes, there are Dunkin' Donuts in Berlin. One word--Internet! We were taking a break with Ben and his friends on a particularly hot day and the iced coffee was heavenly! The doorway belongs to the doll museum in Rothenburg. Since I've spent so much time here I love to focus on doorways and flowers. It's a challenge to get a straight photo, as it's hilly and some of the buildings are wonky, which only makes it that much more interesting and charming. Late in the afternoon the fading sun creates wonderful, long shadows. I love the texture and colors of the stone and stucco against the flowers. Those lovely flowers. I think everywhere we went the flowers were particularly beautiful this year. A visual treat!


Life is good!

It's warm and sunny, so I thought I'd take trip back to the Bodensee. MiniD was very warm and needed a rest in one of the gardens on the island. Yes, the water is really that color and it's amazing to feel as though you're on the Mediterranean rather than bordered by Germany, Switzerland, and Austria!
I took some time on the Promenade at a colorful cafe (the
umbrellas were bright yellow and there were flags of various colors waving in the breeze) to lunch on ice cream, people watch, and knit. Life is good! The Noro sock yarn is nice, not as crunchy once it's worked. Carol blocked her top and the yarn softened nicely.
The gardens on the island were amazing. The photos I took are lovely, but no photo can truly do their beauty justice. This would be the perfect spot to paint! The trees were huge. I'd never seen such large tulip trees! This spot must be beautiful in the fall. Ben and his buddies walked over the bridge into Switzerland. I admit I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible because the sun was brutal.
I'm going to my happy place now, auf wiedersehen...



The Amherst is finished and blocked. I had to do the crochet edge around the neck multiple times until I was pleased--went down to a 4mm crochet hook and worked the single crochet firmly. At first I tried to pick up and knit stitches and then bind off, but didn't like that either. The buttons I bought weren't doing it for me sooo I dug into the antique button stash and found two large buttons that look wonderful! Too bad it's going to be HOT the next couple of days. Anyway, I got another project done and that's good! Yea for me!
The card in the camera was full. I couldn't get another shot--thi
s one will have to do for now.


MiniD on the road

Returning to Rothenburg is always a treat--not for the shopping, but for the beauty of it. It's comforting to see the bike is still there filled with flowers in the summer. This is on the way to the old city from the Bahnhof. Ice cream is on the menu!
MiniD is relaxing in what I referred to as my princess room. It was
charming and had a lovely view of the valley side of Rothenburg. (The wine didn't last the trip, though. We watched Germany defeat Turkey in Munich. Judy turned her TV so we could sit outside and watch the game.)
MiniD was very tired from all the walking, so she decided to take a nap while I had supper with Ben.


Guten Morgen!

I'm managing to get my schedule back in sync. We picked up the photos yesterday. One of the rolls was blank, which was upsetting. I'd climbed the Berliner Dom and got spectacular photos (or so I thought). Oh well, the images are filed in my brain. Everything else looked good. The Rothenburg photos are great. I walked around the wall by myself one evening (it was still light out).
I still haven't sewn the buttons on the Amherst. I'll have
to do that today. The knitting scene was disappointing in Germany--yes, yes...I know there are lots of knitters over there, but just not as obvious as before! Also, when we lived overseas, we didn't travel much in the summer (too hot to knit!). There were a few shops, but nothing special like before. The magazines were pretty good, though. I got one filled with stitch patterns and some nice sweaters--especially a little vest. The dollar's tanked so low it's not worth anything. We spent most of our money on great food (that hasn't changed--yum)! In Oberammergau, Ben and I ran across a lady knitting an a cardigan (in her back yard), and she was so nice. The Noro sock yarn was a hit with some of the girls on the trip. The kids were fascinated about the construction of the sock.


European vacation

We managed to make it back yesterday. Once we were on our way, I was ready to return. Iceland Air is nice, we had personal touch screens (fun to play with!). The only things missing on the stereophonic screaming baby flight were the pigs and chickens wandering the aisle adding a continental air to the flight. There was quite the traffic jam for the bathrooms for six hours from Iceland to Minnesota. Apparently I slept through some turbulence--I must've been really tired. Now I have random sensations of slow banking turns, which feel as though I'm still on the plane (minus the screaming babies). Little Johann did leave us a parting gift--a bit of a foul stench to walk through as we de-boarded the plane. It cleared pretty quickly after that! Thanks, Johann.
I finished the Amherst, but didn't get the buttons on. It was so hot I couldn't stand to have it on my lap. One Noro sock is done and the second one is started. The weather is gorgeous here, so I can sew the buttons on and wear the sweater this week.
Photos to be posted soon!