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My sock is no longer lonely! I haven't woven in ends, yet. They match, although one toe appears rounder in the photo. I'm trying to squeeze out some footies, but may need to rethink. I'd gone 4 1/2" on the cuffs of these--it may not. Oh well, I'll find a use someplace for the extra. I like this pattern, Play on Ribs (pattern photo from the Internet). I miss that extra needle, though. When I use all five needles, I can try my socks on as I knit.
I'm getting some feedback on my Amherst on Ravelry. That's pretty cool. I wish it was cool enough to wear it again. It's pretty steamy here right now. Tonight's the reunion party for the Germany trip. We're having it here. Jim's under the weather, so Ben and I have lots to do today.
Speaking of Germany...MiniD take
s a break from the backpack at a cafe in Bertesgaden. The BMW museum in Munich was amazing. We happened to be there the day it opened! I've picked out my new car! We had a picnic in the Englischer Garten, and as we left the park we stopped on the bridge to watch the surfers on the river. That looked like fun!


Joanne said...

Wow! Surfing on a river? That would be kind of cool to do. So, what's your next car?

Deborah said...

Well, the interior of my car will be dark wood with an inlay stripe of light wood. A leather interior to go with chocolate brown or red.