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Coffee and catch-up (mmm...good)

Kathy and I had coffee today and swapped trip stories. That was so nice! She got me a great little book from the Musee D'Orsay, and I never tire of seeing those lovely works of art! Aaaand--she made me some cool magnets. Ben was already eyeing the Germany-themed ones.
Anyway, I've actually taken a little break from knitting for a couple of days. The clock vest is here at my computer desk ticking away (it's not done until the birdie sings!). I'm just catching my breath and doing laundry. Going through the photos, I thought we'd take a little trip to Berlin and Rothenburg with my intrepid alter ego, MiniD. Yes, there are Dunkin' Donuts in Berlin. One word--Internet! We were taking a break with Ben and his friends on a particularly hot day and the iced coffee was heavenly! The doorway belongs to the doll museum in Rothenburg. Since I've spent so much time here I love to focus on doorways and flowers. It's a challenge to get a straight photo, as it's hilly and some of the buildings are wonky, which only makes it that much more interesting and charming. Late in the afternoon the fading sun creates wonderful, long shadows. I love the texture and colors of the stone and stucco against the flowers. Those lovely flowers. I think everywhere we went the flowers were particularly beautiful this year. A visual treat!


Kathy said...

Love your pictures. I know what you mean about taking a level photo. After I loaded mine on the computer, I spent most of my time in my photo software straightening out each shot.

We sampled our chocolate after dinner yesterday. The lemon was my fav. Pepper is weird, but oddly good. Jim liked the one with brandy.

Bring your pics the next time we get together.

Joanne said...

Hahaha! There are Dunkin Donuts in Berlin and I don't have one here in Texas. What a shame. I grew up on those donuts. Guess I'll just have to take a trip to Berlin, now where is that passport? Goin' to search for it now. :)