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No more second sock syndrome!

I'm burning up my Bryspuns! Right now I'm working the instep of the second sock, so I might be able to call these done tonight. THEN I'll get the clock wound up on the vest, and THEN I'll work on the cotton cardi, depends upon the heat index this week. Carol thought I might be able to squeeze another short pair of socks out of the Noro, and I'll give it a go--use up every bit.
The Amherst was a big hit yesterday, and it's very comfortable. I see a second one in my future (after the other projects in the queue, of course).
Now to catch up with MiniD. Oh, she's traveled back to Potsdam and visited Sans Souci! It was difficult to stand by the palace, as she prefers to sit, but I got a nice photo. Some old guy thought I was nuts, but what the heck! I didn't wander the gardens that day. Rain was a threat and it was beastly hot to walk up and down the steps. I got such good photos of the gardens two years ago. I checked out the gallery instead. Back to Berlin...and the Zoo! The panda was adorable scarfing down his lunch. I'm with you, buddy--only with chocolate!

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