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MiniD on the road

Returning to Rothenburg is always a treat--not for the shopping, but for the beauty of it. It's comforting to see the bike is still there filled with flowers in the summer. This is on the way to the old city from the Bahnhof. Ice cream is on the menu!
MiniD is relaxing in what I referred to as my princess room. It was
charming and had a lovely view of the valley side of Rothenburg. (The wine didn't last the trip, though. We watched Germany defeat Turkey in Munich. Judy turned her TV so we could sit outside and watch the game.)
MiniD was very tired from all the walking, so she decided to take a nap while I had supper with Ben.


Joanne said...

So glad that MiniD was able to have this European experience! I am sure she had a great time. JoJo wanted to go berry picking, but I made her stay home. Too many snakes and chiggers. She did enjoy the berry pie though.

Deborah said...

That pie looked good, too. Did JoJo help? MiniD is pooped. The backpack was cramped and she needs a day at the spa!