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Winter Whispers

Winter is not whispering today.  Last night it was 57 degrees F and today with the high winds it feels like 16 degrees F.  One good thing is that I can wear my  new sweater.  I saw a photo of it pop up on Ravelry and it was instantly in love with the cardigan.  Designed by Paulina Popiolek for Loop London, Winter Whispers is the perfect pattern for the light blue (Classic Elite) Skye Tweed yarn I've had in the stash for years.  Even better, it was easy to knit and fits exactly the way I like my sweaters to fit.  Sadly, the yarn was discontinued long ago, but I have three+ skeins left for another project.

Skye Tweed yarn and the perfect pattern

Joining the body and sleeves

Blocking makes everything better
Note how the project looks before blocking.  the fabric appears dense and the stockinette stitch edges are curling.  I didn't get a photo of the cable detail appearing condensed.  I filled the washer's tub with cold water and a bit wool wash, immersed the sweater (after weaving in the ends) and let it soak for about 20 minutes.  The lid of the washer was up so the agitation would not work.  Using the wool wash is great, because you don't have to rinse out any soap.  I set the washer to spin, which removed most of the water, gave the sweater a shake, and then smoothed and pinned the sweater while using the schematic as a guide for the measurements.  It dried overnight and all I needed to add were the buttons.

Cable detail on the yoke

Natural shell buttons are a lovely touch