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Waiting for the storm (trust me, it ain't about the weather)

Swim season has started, so far so good. I getting the sleeves of the Faye done. I had to frog one of them and now they are together again. I put my knitting down for a while so I won't mess up right away--I can do that later!
I found the diorama in a shoe box the other day. What a nice surprise! That's the Kristkindl Markt in Nürnberg, and yes, it really looks like that.
To the left are the bed soc
ks. I use washable yarn like Amity, Wool Ease, or Encore. The little sweater is knitted from Shepherd's Choice yarns and I'll take that along when I go to the open house tomorrow.
Ben's slippers are off his feet long enough for me to get a photo.
It's time for me to go work off some frustration.


Brrrr...5 degrees, feels like -9

It's chilly out there this morning! That's why we moved here, though. The Santa forest is on the mantle. That vent is ugly, but it's a functional fireplace and the heat from that vent keeps the downstairs warm. It's still ugly.
We have qui
te the collection, now. A fellow in Sherman, Texas carves them. I send him 12"-20" of our Christmas tree stump and about six months later, we get a Santa. They date back to 1998 (one year we had two trees). I can see one of the Pixies got in the photo, too. My two favorite Santas are the one in the green hat on the left and the unpainted hat on the right. It's fun to see where Danny hides the pom-pom of Santa's hat.
Great progress on Faye. No interesting photos to show. I'm almost done with the fronts. I kept messing up the neck edge. I'm fussy about decreasing cables for shaping because they can look funky. Now I'm happy, so it should be smooth sailing from here on--famous last words! I'll post photos when I begin to sew.
I found something for Joanne yesterday--he, he! I'm not tell-in'! I had a pleasant surprise this weekend. I'd done some early knitting, felting, shopping, and wrapping, so I'm ahead of the game this year. The required letter (always short and to the point) is finished, and I just have to print, stuff, and mail the cards. Jeez, I haven't been this organized since Germany. We had to send cards and gifts right around Thanksgiving for them to arrive in the States on time for Christmas.
I'll bundle Mom up and take her out today. When the snow flies, that won't happen, so we have to take advantage of the dry days.



It's snowing! I'm making a casserole to take over to Mom's. We had our Thanksgiving last night. It's kind of nice to relax today. Tonight we'll have dessert at our friends' where we can play games, have a little wine, and chat. We're all so busy these days.
The Faye is progressing nicely, IF I can stay focused. I'm up to the neck shaping.
I have t
o check the turkey dinner in a dish, and then it'll be time to get ready. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!
In the photo you can see the snow. The flowers are from Ben. Nothing says Thanksgiving like Trolls, don't you think? Jim's mom got those for Ben when he was a toddler. They've come out every year since then.


Minnesota's Gemütliche Ecke

Last night the Bavarian Musikmeisters performed a concert at the high school for the German Club/German trip. It brought back a bit of home (x2) to me. We had a bratwurst feed before the concert and it was such fun. I got Ben up to dance--his friends enjoyed that. He's graceful in the water--not on land! Ben's a good sport. He was also the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job. Jim and I also danced, which we haven't done for ages. I can't wait to get back to Germany this summer!
I'm working on the fronts of the Faye and it's progressing
quickly. Tonight's captain's practice, so I'll get two hours of uninterrupted knitting done at the pool.
My boots came yesterday! Yay! The boot toppers look nice tucked in them. Jim's mom requested bed socks this year. She and Debbie need new ones. I'll probably do two pair each for them. I have some fun colors in my stash of washable yarn. Kathy gave me Baba's Bed Socks pattern a few years ago, and I think it's a great for an easy sock pattern. They fit well and everyone likes them! Thanks Kathy!



I figured I'd better get a photo up of the cables. I'm really enjoying this. Believe it or not, it's very easy. There's moss stitch on the sides. I should have the back done today and I will knit the fronts together. I like the undulating cable on the left (there's a mirror image on the right). The center of the back is the cable between the bobble cables. (I'm knitting the small--37" finished measurement.)


Silver Belle morphs into Faye

Yes, it's true. I frogged the Silver Belle and re-visited my books to find a cable project I'd enjoy. I found Faye in Mission Falls Decade. It's fun to knit, and I'm already past the armhole shaping for the back. No photos, yet. The Cascade 220 is so soft and the color is perfect. I know I'll get more wear out of this sweater. The Silver Belle peplum was pretty, but I had the nagging feeling that I wasn't going to like fit of the sweater on me. Besides, the darned diagonal edges were making me crazy. I kept messing up. Sometimes the easiest things trip up the most experienced knitters. I've finished my boot toppers and am patiently waiting for my boots to arrive from LLBean.
Vintage turkey copyright free clip art



Snow--yes it's snowing. It probably won't last, but it sure looks pretty to me. Yes, I'm one of those people. I like clouds, rain, cold, and snow. Ten years in Germany makes one appreciate it. (All that moisture makes things GREEN the rest of the year!) When the snow melted , the grass underneath was intensely green--very cool. Understand that I walked everywhere or used the train/bus/streetcar/u-bahn, so I didn't have to drive a car in bad weather often. Hey, it's really coming down. Now the snow looks like "dippin' dots." It's hitting the window like little pellets.
There's a fire in the fireplace and Ben's got today off. I have to rake the leaves in the house that Eevee drags in from the yard. It gives the place an outdoorsy appearance, which is appropriate for the season. I made apple-cranberry crisp this week. We need to bake some cookies to make the house smell good--mmm...some brown sugar cut outs...time to pull some butter out of the freezer. Look closely into the fire and you can see Eevee.


Last leaves of fall...

The wind really blew hard yesterday and there are leaves everywhere. I'm surprised that some actually hung on this long. I always pick up pretty ones and sometimes paint them or press them. I didn't have time to do a painting, so I played with photoshop. I rather like the result. The colors are so pretty and I'd LOVE to do a sweater (riiight--like I need another project on the needles!). The scarf in the photo is one I purchased at Morning Break a couple of weeks ago. Mindy from 10,000 Villages brought goodies from the store on Grand Avenue. She always brings a basket full of knitted finger puppets, which I love. I use them as "finial gloves" on my spinning wheel lamp in my office. Right now I have a bat on there--the llamas are my favorites. Anyway, the scarf is really fine, lightweight wool and has beautiful colors in it.
I'm going to fix a cup of cocoa and work on my second boot cuff.


Super Scraps & Lovely Leftovers!

I needed a fast project yesterday between bell performances, so I did a boot topper from Kristin Knits with some leftover yarns. I wove in ends and Swiss darned around the black diamonds this morning. Now I just need some great boots to tuck these into!


Twists and turns

Naturally I couldn't knit a project without making mistakes! I was on a roll with my cables on the SB's peplum, and twisted the large cables the wrong way. It really doesn't matter, so I just left them. At the bottom you can't really see the twist, so what the heck! Cables in a straight line are fairly easy to fix, but traveling cables are a bear to take out and fix. Case in point--the capelet from IK's Wrap Style I made last year. I had to take out an inch of knitting with over 300 stitches--I didn't make that mistake again!! I'm now on track and already to the third twist of the larger cables. I'm so happy that Kristin Knits is out. I got my copy at the shop and of course, I love it. The projects really reflect Kristin's wonderful use of color. The designs are simple, but the use of color adds a complex element that I love.
I promised photos from Halloween night. I couldn't find my special knife, so I had to use a regular one--that's why the faces are plain. I like the effect--I had the votive in a gold holder and one in a red holder. The window cover was from Target last year. I put the lamp close to the moon and the effect was pretty cool. Next year I'll use the other one (a graveyard scene) and then all four windows will be covered. Today, Jim's putting up the lights because next week it'll be too cold. Yess! Sweater time!!