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Snow--yes it's snowing. It probably won't last, but it sure looks pretty to me. Yes, I'm one of those people. I like clouds, rain, cold, and snow. Ten years in Germany makes one appreciate it. (All that moisture makes things GREEN the rest of the year!) When the snow melted , the grass underneath was intensely green--very cool. Understand that I walked everywhere or used the train/bus/streetcar/u-bahn, so I didn't have to drive a car in bad weather often. Hey, it's really coming down. Now the snow looks like "dippin' dots." It's hitting the window like little pellets.
There's a fire in the fireplace and Ben's got today off. I have to rake the leaves in the house that Eevee drags in from the yard. It gives the place an outdoorsy appearance, which is appropriate for the season. I made apple-cranberry crisp this week. We need to bake some cookies to make the house smell good--mmm...some brown sugar cut outs...time to pull some butter out of the freezer. Look closely into the fire and you can see Eevee.

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