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Waiting for the storm (trust me, it ain't about the weather)

Swim season has started, so far so good. I getting the sleeves of the Faye done. I had to frog one of them and now they are together again. I put my knitting down for a while so I won't mess up right away--I can do that later!
I found the diorama in a shoe box the other day. What a nice surprise! That's the Kristkindl Markt in Nürnberg, and yes, it really looks like that.
To the left are the bed soc
ks. I use washable yarn like Amity, Wool Ease, or Encore. The little sweater is knitted from Shepherd's Choice yarns and I'll take that along when I go to the open house tomorrow.
Ben's slippers are off his feet long enough for me to get a photo.
It's time for me to go work off some frustration.

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Joanne said...

You sure have been busy! I am just catching up with all your blaaaging. :) I love the Faye sweater. It is gorgeous. I love doing cables and texture, glad you are having fun with it. I love seeing outside your window and seeing the snow on the ground, great photo. I can pretend it is my window and my snow. LOL!