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Let it snow...and snow...and snow

Saturday--There's a winter wonderland outside my window. I just got home from my outing. It was not a very good day for all the driving I had to do, but it was good to visit with friends and then go see the sheep at Shepherd's Choice.
Naturally I couldn't drive all that way without coming home with some yarn--sooo I got some Cascade 220 in black tweed. Enough for a little cardigan.
This is what has fallen since this morning. Eevee has a trail. Jim likes using the big snow blower. It's a guy thing.
It's Sunday, and here's a nice view from my room. I particularly like the little pine tree on the right. Ben and I ushered
at church today, and on the way home we saw Jim running the snow blower for one of the neighbors.
Well, here's the yarn I couldn't resist yesterday. I got six skeins, so I'll be able to do the body with this and add color from the stash. The wheels are turning, and I'm sure to come up with something after I finish the Faye, Lopi, and red cardigans...oh, and the socks...and the bed socks...and the snowmen...

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