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Decreases, we have decreases! I love the cables in this pattern, and it's going to become a favorite--I can feel it.

About last night...the weather was like the photo on the left, but my evening was made delightful by
the photo on the right! This morning it's beautiful--the perfect day to head to the post office and mail the gifts, and then I can work on gifts for my knitting buddies, Jim, and Ben. It's fun to knit for knitters and my guys.
The ornaments for Morning Break need to be finished for our Christmas brunch. The theme is gingerbread. I Swiss darned gingerbread boys onto 20 small 9st X 11r stockinette stitch rectangles. (I need to make 5 more.) I'll mount them on felt and we'll see what happens!


Kathy said...

Looks cozy. You've been a blogging and knitting fool since I last checked your site. And wrapping and shipping presents already! You are putting me to shame.

I'm on a short warm-up and lunch break from cleaning the driveway and putting up some outside decorations. There should be a patron saint for Christmas lights who would intercede to have them come on and stay on all season long.

Your cables look great, but what is Swiss darning? That's a new one to me.

Deborah said...

It's the British term for duplicate stitch. I always liked the sound of it better.