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Still knitting the sleeves...

Well, as the title states, "still knitting the sleeves." The fronts and back of the Faye went so quickly and this is like watching paint dry. The increases are finished, so now it's just a matter of a couple more inches before the sleeve caps. I can't find the camera today, so no photos. I did, however, post a photo of the Lopi cardigan. Maybe that will inspire me to finish it. Every time I open my blog I'll have to see it glaring at me. This one has some history--I was happily knitting away on the body and got to the shoulders, when I realized I didn't split for the sleeves. (No, I'm not into steeks, yet.) Anyway, it's been on the needles ever since. In fact, I started the sleeves, so it should go quickly (again, famous last words). The colors match the model, which for me is rare. Depth of Field in Minneapolis had a sample and the chocolate, green, and cream are really lovely together.

The photo is from my outing on Saturday at Shepherd's Choice.

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