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Baking cookies

Mm mm...I know it's Christmas when I've made the cut out cookies. The brown sugar recipe is great because I can work the dough right away without chilling it first. I'm waxing nostalgic today, as the puppy dog cookie cutter and candle holder were my grandmother's. (The puppy dog has mini-chip eyes, a cinnamon nose, and a dusting of cocoa powder/sugar over chocolate icing.) When I was little, I loved those angels because they had my haircut! The cookie cutters (there's a pig, cat, dog, and polar bear) were made by a tinsmith in Baltic, Ohio. One Christmas Mom decorated the tree with cookies in addition to the other decorations. She wrapped them and tied them on the tree with red ribbons. Of course, we four kids couldn't resist the temptation of all that goodness, and we nibbled on them every chance we had! That was the Christmas I got my Blue Willow tea set in a little wall cupboard. I was a tomboy, but I did love to serve tea (I highly recommend the Boiled Buttons)!
Anyway, on to the knitting. I wrapped Ben's mittens from Knit One, Felt Too. Jim's bed socks are also wrapped, and I'm working on some mittens for him. Yes, the Faye is still not sewn together. I have other things to do...Ben still wants an ear flap cap and I found a fun motif (VW) to incorporate into the design. So many projects--how do those elves do it every year?


Kathy said...

Your place looks great. I wish I was sitting with you and munching on the cookies with our knitting in hand. I keep telling myself that will be soon.

You're a good elf, Deb.

P.S. I am not picking up a knitting project until I have spun up some more yarn. I want to return your spinning wheel before you regret loaning it too me. (Or am I too late.)

Deborah said...

Naah, Louie likes visiting you. The photo is nice, but what you can't see is what I cropped out!!