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Upcoming classes in 2013

I am enjoying teaching Learn-To-Knit classes at Amazing Threads, which are scheduled through April.  On the schedule for the next year are classes for an array of projects to satisfy all skill levels.  For more information check out Amazing Threads and The Shepherdess on the web!

Gelato Bag:  This is a good project for new knitters to build knitting confidence and skills, plus it can be a small project bag!
Date:  Monday, January 7, 21, and 28, 2013
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads

Brynn:  I made this sample for the shop and it is a wonderful little shrug knitted with tweed yarn using a slip-stitch pattern--only one color per row!
Date:  Please check with the shop
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads
Brynn is made with Rowan Tweed
featuring an easy slip-stitch pattern.

Cabled Pillow Cover (Rutland Cushion):
Date:  Monday, February 4, 11, and 18, 2013
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads

Drop Spindle:  Learn how to spin your own yarn with a spindle and some wool!
Date:  Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location: The Shepherdess
Learn how to spin your own yarn
with a spindle and wool roving or batt.

Adams Ribs:
Date:  Thursday, February, 14, 28, March 14, and 28, 2013
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads

Gaugeless Hat:  This is a fun project to make and a great skill-builder for learning about gauge, changing and choosing colors, and multiple sizing options.
Date:  To be determined!
Location:  Amazing Threads
The stocking cap is made with Ella Rae Classic
and Plymouth Gina, one skein each;
and knitted from the top down!  

EZ Pick One, from (Knit One Knit All):
Date:  Wednesday, March 13, 20, and 27, 2013
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads

Countess Mitts:  I made samples of these for Blue Sky Alpacas and they are a joy to knit and really lovely!
Date:  Wednesday, April 10, 17, and 24
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Location:  Amazing Threads


Merry Christmas!

For your Christmas morning entertainment...

What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed? 
A cookie sheet!

What did the sheep say to the shepherd? 
Seasons Bleetings!

What happened when Santa's cat swallowed a ball of yarn? 
She had mittens.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas is coming...

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;
It makes no noise at all,
But softly gives itself away;
While quite unselfish,
it grows small.
-Eva K. Logue

We now have a blanket of snow on the ground.  I finished decorating the house and it looks very festive.  Some more knitting is finished and ready to send near and far.  
Christmas cheer in all around the house...
Santa is happy to see the snow

Later in the evening, snow builds on the branches

Humpty Dumpty is having a tea party

Woolly ornaments, and jingle bells

Christmas tag I made at
Creative Souls last week

The chimney cupboard--where
all good recipes are stored

Christmas dishes in Great-Grandma's hutch

Inside wreath

Teddy is full of ornaments

The little shepherd tends
the sheep on the tree

The doll enjoys the sunshine

Cuddle cloth for a special baby

Sock Monkey is feeling festive in his new hat


FO Friday!

I thought I would post some finished objects before they go in the mail!  I have some more ornaments (with more that need to be stuffed), cozies, and coasters ready for finishing, too.
Class is going well, I have aced my quizzes and posted assignments.  Also, I posted some samples of my work on the discussion board.  Lesson 8 was posted today and there are four lessons after that.  Time flew by!  My next big task is to finish up my schedule through June for Amazing Threads.  i am excited about starting classes, soon and noticed a post on Ravelry about the Groupon!  I am ready.  The Polymer Clay class at Creative Souls is full, I have the clay and tools ready.  We will focus on faces with a Christmas theme--snowmen!  I have some components ready from a previous class, which will help with the demonstration and speed things along so students can get creative and have fun.
Jim and I are having a get-together on Sunday and I have to get the house ready...we put up the tree last Sunday, I strung lights a couple of days ago, and it is time to finish decorating.  Last night was Round Table and I made a delicious Dutch Oven apple cobbler.  I used Braeburn apples and they held their crispness nicely.  It was a typical apple crisp recipe, but I loved the nutmeg and ginger in addition to the cinnamon in the topping.  I used Craisins instead of raisins and cut a couple of tablespoons of butter out.  Actually, I was too lazy to get more butter from the other freezer.  It smelled and tasted heavenly!  There is one serving left in the refrigerator...I believe I hear it calling my name!
Ornaments for giving.  (Except for the one on the lower
right--that was my first.) 
Flossie Bear detail.  A very fun project to knit.  She
needs some stuffing and her ears stitched.

I found the Cuddle Cloth pattern on Ravelry. You can find
Frankie's site here.

This was an irresistible find at Home Goods.  Although it is a
baby blanket, the charming animals reminded me of
Wood Badge critters, and is a perfect lap blanket without
bulk when I sit at the computer.  How can one resist the cuteness?