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Weaving a top continues...off the loom!

The first half of the top came off the loom yesterday everything measured to my calculations.  The plan to make one side wider did not work, as the 15-inch width of the loom is too narrow.  No problem, I have a plan B for that!  The part of this I am working out is when the sides are sewn together and the neck has to be cut.  Before the pieces can be joined the fabric will need to be washed  and pressed.

27.05.16 As with any project, the road to finishing is sometimes bumpy.  Measure twice, cut once...wise words, indeed.  I warped for the second half of the top at home and did not recheck my measurements.  With only inches to finish, I ran out of warp.  To save the handspun weft I sacrificed the warp by cutting the piece off the loom and re-winding the handspun onto the shuttles.  I called the experience yarn carnage, although the Harrisville sport  warp suffered more than the handspun.

I now have the two halves, which are washed and pressed.  After sewing the halves together, the neck will need to be marked and cut.  While cutting fabric is not a huge undertaking, the placement, stay stitching, and cutting of the neck opening is cringe-worthy.  I will go through my patterns and also look at tops from my closet for dimensions.  To make a facing, or make binding tape. An old issue of Threads magazine, August/September 1991, has wonderful ideas for finishing techniques on simple shaped garments.

I am glad to have multiple shuttles.
Cutting the warp and re-winding the shuttles.

Thrums and waste yarn.

The fabric softened and bloomed beautifully.  I have to test sew scrap fabric to see if the fabric will smoothly feed through the sewing machine.  

The end of last week I sent in the yarn snippets, article, and photo to Spin-Off magazine.  I proposed a feature of our vest weaving projects.  The Wednesday Weaving group has grown and attracted many other weavers since the art crawl.  We are all working of different projects, now.  My post top project might be the tapestry woven bag from Spin-Off, winter 1997.