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The toe knows

Summer seems to be flying by!  Soon it will be time to set off for New Mexico and then we will be preparing for the state fair and then autumn will be upon us.

On Thursday, June 30, I was getting ready for my long walk and as I turned from the dresser to get my shoes - WHACK - I banged my foot on the corner of the cedar chest nailing the fourth toe on man left foot.  Words cannot describe how much that hurt, but I made up a few that are still hovering in the atmosphere!  Naturally my mind thought of Philmont and our upcoming 12-day trek.  On Saturday we went to urgent care to have my foot checked and to see if hiking was going to be in my future.   The X-ray showed no break, which was good.  I got a bootie with a square toe for protection and went back to RICE-ing the injured foot.  R-rest, I-ice, C-compression, E-elevation.  It is funny (or not) when something like that happens.

30.07.16  I started this post a couple of weeks after the incident and since that time I attempted to have my left boot toe-box stretched, which did not work well enough.  I was already at Peterson's Shoes, so I tried on a pair of Keen's hiking boots, Targhee 2.  Immediately I could tell the difference.  There was plenty of room for all my toes and the clerk let me walk up and down the basement steps and all around the store in them.  We had a camp-out that weekend and although I stayed back at camp with Mike while the others took a long hike, we managed about three miles.  The boots are very comfortable and although they are one eyelet lower than my other boots, they will be just fine.  Today we are attending to the last minute details of the trip, which is to finish packing our backpacks.  All my things are ready and partially packed, but with the forecast for the next ten days calling for rain in Cimarron, New Mexico those zip lock bags will be put to use.  Even with a pack cover it is so nice to have dry clothing since we take so few things along.  The four liters of water add over eight pounds of weight and then the food, fuel, stoves, bear bags, rope, and other crew gear are distributed in the crew's packs.
Happy feet at Wild River State Park!

In the meantime...on Wednesday of this week Deb from Old Man Wool Farm brought the loom to Anoka Fiber Works for me to see.  I have been looking for a used one that I can use in a studio spot at the co-op.  She had it on the trailer all covered up and we got it in despite the rain.  It was a busy day at Weaving Wednesday, so everyone got to see the new loom.  Deb and Winnie figured it had been on Deb's three season porch for 15 to 20 years.  Winnie had warped it at one point in time, and there was no warp on it.  I washed it off with some Murphy's Oil Soap and rubbed the steel parts with steel wool.

Like wheels, looms can be named and I decided on Anne.  I love Anne of Green Gables and am enjoying a fun summer read of the first book.  This loom was just waiting for the right moment to come into someone's life.  I am happy she came into mine.

Color-coded heddles make them easy to identify.

I snapped a photo before I took off the sectional warp attached to the warp roller.  

The sectional warp pieces need a good cleaning and new cords.  

The serial number below the logo is 4-280.  I checked on schacthtspindle.com and found that this loom was assembled in 1980.  I also checked the location of The Loom Shed in Oberlin, but it is no longer there.  
On my last walk I caught some movement to my left.  It was a family of turkeys.  They were trying to keep the little ones with them and I was thankful they went behind the sound wall rather than toward the road!
Mom, Dad, and the two kids...gobble gobble!
I was on the last part of my walk when the prettiest caterpillar caught my eye.  The colors are similar to some Zauberball Crazy in my yarn stash.