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Monday--time to hit the ground running!

I don't know if you can see how nicely the sock fits. Joanne requested this shot. The pattern is from Regia, and was a freebee with the purchase of two skeins of Kaffe Fassett sock yarn. The leaflet has multiple size charts and photos. Since I had such a time getting my brain around sock knitting, I'm sick of the bamboo yarn, so I started the German flag socks. I got the yarn last year and started a pair. I like the shorter length for wearing with shorts or cropped pants with clunky shoes. Besides, you can get more than one sock out of the small skeins if you have little feet.
I have class today, and with Ben back home it's going to be busy until school starts. He takes his road test on Friday.


It's Sunday, Ben's home, Eevee's happy, and all is well...

Ben's home!! We went to the airport yesterday afternoon and along with other families welcomed our boys home. They had a great time. Ben met his goal by visiting as many different countries as possible. He managed to trade for a Scottish uniform shirt and many neckerchiefs and patches. He purchased a little Westminster Abbey for my shadow box and some Stroopwafels from Holland. Those won't last! He was stunned to see the car in the garage. He drove us out to eat last night.
Now back to knitting...the bamboo socks are going well. I figured out the German band heel and love it. No gusset--it's all short rows by working
double stitches. Rather than W&T, you slip as if to purl on the RS or WS and pull the working yarn back to create the double stitch. When the heel's done, it looks like an indented diagonal band from the ankle to the side of the heel. It fits my narrow heels perfectly with no bunching. It's nice not to have to pick up stitches along the heel flap. Leave it to the Germans to engineer something like that! I'm almost to my toes and will probably get one done if class isn't too busy today. The PB is on hold. I just got tired of working on it.


Must be Tuesday...or Wednesday

Boy, yesterday was a day of finishing. All the knitters in my class were finishing--picking up stitches and seaming. It was quiet, but I didn't sit down. Help night was the same. That's good, though. I like to see folks finishing projects and teaching them how to seam. It took me a long time to "get it." If they can learn proper technique early, they'll be happier with the project. The PB is going much better. I'm almost to the second decrease on the body. I decided to keep with the petite, but knit the length for the small. I think that will be a flattering fit over the "girls."
I couldn't resist the temptation of the Kaffe Fassett sock yarn as you can see by the photo. Oh, and the bamboo sock yarn, and my Germany sock yarn from last year. I needed something small to work on and all that yarn and the tiny needles fit in the dot bag!! How cool is that? Angel did a beautiful job on the finishing. It's such fun when she comes in and shows off all the bags. She also did a great job on the evil bag. The lining's green. I hung it up right away and Paula was happy with it. Whew!
Ben fired off an e-mail yesterday. He's fine, and will be home on SATURDAY!! He's been busy and by the photos we've seen, he's having a blast. He'll have lots of surprises--namely the Jeep and my going to Wood Badge training. Yup, I did it! I've wanted to do that for years. In 2003, when Mom broke her hip and the continuing chain of events over the past four years bogged me down, I knew it was time to finish what I started. I miss Scouts and felt such a sense of accomplishment when I finished training last year. My tickets involve scouting, community, and personal growth.
Wednesday--Starting off slowly today. Sinus headache! The PB is coming along. I'm now past the second decrease--AGAIN. I started my socks, but can't seem to get them going. I love the sock yarn, but getting past the first rows of ribbing is a challenge. I'm using "toothpicks."



Wow--it's Friday already! Penelope is making rapid progress. I've split for the front and back. In about 2 1/2", I'll be working the neck shaping. I keep looking at the red sweater, but haven't picked it up seriously, yet. There's a website you must check out. Alice and Jade Starmore have a line of yarn and patterns. It would be worth every penny to knit up one of their patterns with that beautiful yarn! (virtualyarns.com)
Pizza's on the menu for tonight. I'm making the dough now. Jim planted tomatoes, so I'll put some on along with some sauce, sweet onions, and cheese.



I've just been browsing through the Jamboree photos the Scoutmaster posted today. It looks like the kids are having a blast.
I started the Penelope Blouse again--in the petite size. It's almost where it was in the photo, so I won't post a new one. The small was just going to be too BIG. You never can tell with that kind of pattern. I never heard from Oat Couture. I wrote to them asking about how the garment is supposed to fit and suggested that maybe they should show it on a real model and not a stick. Guess they didn't like that. I didn't have to take it completely out, as the bottom lace was okay. I'm psyching myself to re-visit the red cable sweater. I have to sit down and really decide if I need to take it apart (another project gone awry!). Angel called me and said the dot bag is done--I'm SO excited to see it. She needs a bit more time on the evil bag. I'm just grateful she can work with that disaster! When I figure out the red sweater, it'll be time for the green/brown/cream Lite Lopi cardigan, THEN I can work on making the gauge for the Alice Starmore sweater I bought yarn for a couple of years ago! Lots to do!!
Jim and I celebrated 31 years of marriage yesterday. We took a lunch cruise on the St. Croix. The darned camera wasn't charged, so we have no photos, though. We had fun anyway. It was terribly hot. The breeze felt good on the river. Later that evening we did get a pizza. We've never missed that!
The fridge is fixed and I got lots of fresh fruit among other groceries. I think I may have a cracked tooth because it was sore the day the guy fixed the fridge. The reason I mention this is because the noise from his working on it sounded like dental work MAGNIFIED for a few hours. I was miserable trying to ignore it by wearing earplugs and knitting. Didn't help. Glad that's over.