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Little brown jug how I love thee...

Ho, ho, ho
You and me
Little brown jug
How I love thee!

I finished the little cardigan and it fits nicely.  Also, I have very little leftover yarn, which is great.  I have enough stash!


Books and such

I ordered a couple of books and they came yesterday!  One is by Jade Starmore, and the other is from Rowan.  Lots of lovely projects to knit and wonderful inspiration.
The past couple of weeks have been interesting in terms of weather.  We were lucky to dodge the damaging winds that hit above and below us.  Recently, there were some amazing cloud formations and I could not resist taking photos until the sun set.
Looking west
Right now I am making a simple, neck-down, short-sleeved cardigan for summer.  You would think that I could knock it out in just a few days, but for some reason (inattention?) I had to keep frogging it.  Now I am on the right track and ready to work the sleeves.  To add a new skein, I did a Russian join, which worked nicely.  I whipped the  end of the yarn on either end so the threads are not noticeable.  In the meantime, it is time to decide what project to do next.  I believe I found a good pattern for the Shepherd's Choice yarn.  Other possibilities for the stash are Amaryllis or Wild Saffron from the Purelife Autumn book.   In the stash:  18 skeins of Kathmandu Aran Tweed and 14 skeins of Classic Elite Skye Tweed.  I will have to check yardage--especially with the Aranmor near disaster!


Ahhh, it is done

Well, here is the finished Aranmor.  It is just gorgeous and I am very happy with it.  It was the perfect blend of yarn and design.
I love this sweater! 

Now that I am at the end of the Aranmor journey, it is time to go to the next project.  I started a little cotton cardigan for spring/summer.  I believe it is time to use the handspun yarn for a vest or sweater.  The fingers are a bit swollen lately.  Too much marathon knitting.  I called the cardigan Little Brown Cardigan, but last night my friend and student, Karen, suggested Little Brown Jug, which I think is perfect!  It is the color of root beer.
Ho ho ho, you and me
little brown jug
how I love thee


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


Now it will be done!

The postman brought me a package right to the door.  Verra Yarns was very quick with the delivery and it was beautifully packaged.  Now I can finish the Aranmor even though the weather warmed up.  I will have something to work on tomorrow when Jim's staff is here.  
The sleeves are giving the new yarn a big hug!
A good match
Eevee and I had nice walkies after she got a trim.  Her legs get a bit woolly during the winter.  The leaves are trying so hard to pop out and I believe with the sunshine they will be quite pretty, soon.  The windows are open and the fresh air smells so good.  
Yesterday I went to the doctor to get another antibiotic for the stubborn bronchitis.  I do not like taking more medicine, but after over three weeks, I want this to be over!  
I have to neaten up the house and get some cookies baked for tomorrow.  One of the Scouts is coming quite a distance, so we'll have a guest tonight.
Ben at 10 and Eevee 
Ben will be 21 soon, and naturally his birthday falls over finals week.  I bought some fun things and goodies for him to share.  It is like a party-in-a-box.  We will celebrate with him when he comes home.  I am going to make him a game that will be funny for him and his history buddies--pin the pickelhaube on Bismark.  I also thought about pin the (coat)tails on Washington, but decided he would get a kick out of Bismark.  
Time to clean and bake, when that is finished it will be time to work on my sweater.  I really only needed one skein, but after this near disaster, I am taking NO chances.  One skein will do all the work and the other two will keep it company in the knitting bag!


Aranmor sadness

'Rub-a-dub-dub Mother C. went to the tub to get her poor Aranmor a skein
When she got there the tub was bare and so her poor Aranmor had none
...And she was really ticked off!'
Sigh...the life of a knitter is not an easy one.  At least with paint, I can go out and get another tube of the same "dye lot" and be done with it.  Knitting?  NooooooOOOOOoooooo!  I was so careful to check yardage ahead of time and my gauge is spot on to Ms. Starmore's (quite an accomplishment, if I say so myself).  I spent the morning looking online to search nationally and internationally for a few skeins--I need only 1, but am NOT taking chances.  I found a lot of 8, three will be sufficient to finish.  I am checking to make sure the order went in, even though I got an order number.  Overkill, I know, but one must not take chances with discontinued yarn!  The body is finished and I was almost to the saddle on the second sleeve when I stuck my hand in the tub--horrors!--worse than a slasher movie.  Well, at least in my opinion right now.  Until I have the yarn in my hot little hands, I will not rest easy.  That would be a cold, dark dive into the frog pond.  
Daisy Bowl
Enough of that!!  I have an entrelac class tonight.  I hand felted the daisy bowl.  It is very cute, just as I thought it would be.  I will leave the pink/green/white bowl unfelted and then I have two bowls in progress so I can work with the students as they progress.  The Quant pattern is ready and I have to steam the first sample (knit in Noro Kureyon from Kathryn).  I like it better than I did at first.  I knitted it exactly like the pattern.  On the shop sample, I modified the ends to match.  There are lots of modifications on Ravelry, which is handy!

The bronchitis is barely hanging on and annoying.  This week will be week 3 of it and it is time to get better.  It just needs another nudge to get out of my system.  Over-the-counter meds just treat the symptoms, so another visit to Dr. V. is in order.  If I go on Thursday, I can see his therapy dog, Rufus.  I love Rufus and he always makes me feel better.  "Dog pills."