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Now it will be done!

The postman brought me a package right to the door.  Verra Yarns was very quick with the delivery and it was beautifully packaged.  Now I can finish the Aranmor even though the weather warmed up.  I will have something to work on tomorrow when Jim's staff is here.  
The sleeves are giving the new yarn a big hug!
A good match
Eevee and I had nice walkies after she got a trim.  Her legs get a bit woolly during the winter.  The leaves are trying so hard to pop out and I believe with the sunshine they will be quite pretty, soon.  The windows are open and the fresh air smells so good.  
Yesterday I went to the doctor to get another antibiotic for the stubborn bronchitis.  I do not like taking more medicine, but after over three weeks, I want this to be over!  
I have to neaten up the house and get some cookies baked for tomorrow.  One of the Scouts is coming quite a distance, so we'll have a guest tonight.
Ben at 10 and Eevee 
Ben will be 21 soon, and naturally his birthday falls over finals week.  I bought some fun things and goodies for him to share.  It is like a party-in-a-box.  We will celebrate with him when he comes home.  I am going to make him a game that will be funny for him and his history buddies--pin the pickelhaube on Bismark.  I also thought about pin the (coat)tails on Washington, but decided he would get a kick out of Bismark.  
Time to clean and bake, when that is finished it will be time to work on my sweater.  I really only needed one skein, but after this near disaster, I am taking NO chances.  One skein will do all the work and the other two will keep it company in the knitting bag!


Margie said...

THe aranmor looks well, even in its unfinished state. Your birthday game sounds like the perfect fun for Ben and his history friends. Sorry to read that you are still not rid of that bug. I hope spring arrives soon and brings full health with it for you. Big hugs, Margie,

Kathy said...

Isn't that just the worst feeling when you realize that you won't have enough yarn to finish a project? Especially when it's something that's not easy to get. Glad it worked out. The sweater is going to be great.

My birthday boy has the Finals Week Blues, too. That's somehow worse when you're finally legal and everyone is busy.

Feel better!

Joanne said...

Oh, my. Ben, 21! Wow! Time sure has flown by, hasn't it?
Get better.