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I can row a boat...canoe?

I know, that's pretty lame.  Jim had me renew the license for the canoe so we could go on a fun adventure yesterday.  Three canoes, six paddlers, and a gorgeous day!  We started at the dam in town and spent the day on the Mississippi River.  On our journey, we saw people fishing, three bald eagles (one in flight and two perched in a tree on one of the islands, a blue heron, lots of geese, and ducks.  Karen saw a turtle, which I missed.  As we left the residential area and approached Minneapolis, we could hear traffic, some boat traffic, and the city skyline.  A conductor tooted the horn for us as we approached one of the many bridges we crossed under.  A small paddle boat and large pleasure boat passed us and everyone waved.  As we entered the city, we went through two locks.  One dropped 50 feet and the other 25 feet.  The first one was a bit of a wait.  When approaching the opening, there is a cord to pull, which notifies the lock master someone wishes to pass through the lock.  Also, we had to wait at the traffic light blinking red until it turned green.  We have been through a lock before, but never with just three canoes!  People were standing on the bridge watching and it must have been funny to see three little canoes come through the large gates. We all joked that they looked like the Gates of Mordor opening.  I hummed the Lord of the Rings theme song.  We landed at the University of Minnesota's Boathouse and we had one of our friends meet us.  I did not feel tired until we stopped.  After loading the canoes on the vehicles, we set off for a favorite Chinese restaurant of Dennis'.  It was delicious! We got home a bit later than planned and Eevee was very happy to see us, although she was even happier to go outside! 
Driving from our house to the dam. 
Our intrepid canoeing companions paddling on the mighty Mississippi River. 
Not a bad shot from the phone camera.  It's tricky to stop paddling, balance, and click! 
Dennis, Karen, Niel, and Bennett waiting for the green light. 
Dennis and Jim keeping the canoes steady as the water level drops 50 feet.
Karen holds on and we held onto their canoe. 
The lock is quite large. 
It took eight minutes to drop 50 feet.
The second lock.
We chatted with the lock master. 

My feet! 
The gates begin to open.
On our way!