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If it doesn't move, paint it or launder it!

This time last week we were getting ready to go pick up Ben. We had a nice trip and managed to get everything packed in the car including ourselves! I worked on socks during the drive. I don't know why I always start them because they aren't my favorite projects, but the portability is nice. I just suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome).Ben was a tad under the weather on the way home, so he did quite a bit of sleeping for a couple of days. I decided to tackle my porch furniture. I love to junk furniture into something nice. Creamy white paint did the trick! The trunk doubles as storage for games and a TV stand. The owners of our house were going to trash it, but I saw some use and kept it. It was black and had some slight water stains on the bottom. The coffee table was an $8 bargain at Goodwill. I'm always dropping things off there and just happened to go inside. It's a nice sturdy piece that needed a a sprucing up. The little corner drawer piece came from my father-in-law's garage. He worked for the railroad and that's where it originally came from. Some fellow made it out of leftover wood and some of the little drawers are made out of cheese and cigar boxes. When Poppa passed away, Mom was cleaning things out and I thought it had some potential. Poppa kept bits and pieces of nuts, bolts, nails, etc. in it and it took some time to clean it up. I decided to leave the drawers as they were and only paint the outer part. I think it works just fine. The telephone table came from a garage sale. I have to upholster the seat, and that will be perfect. I like it because the table is to the left (I'm left-handed). I'd like to eventually embellish them a little a la Peter Hunt. When we first moved in, I used the porch quite a bit. It's very nice to open all the windows and work out there.
Anyway, the weather for Memorial Day weekend. Ben joined us for a bike ride on Saturday morning. It was really nice out and everybody was enjoying the sunshine and nice temps. I made it through all the laundry and now I can get some knitting projects finished up. My favorite spot is a bit of a disaster--too many projects going on...three socks and the Bowknot Sweater sleeves.


Food for thought--or maybe not...

The reverse side also has a reverse side. Japanese Proverb

Now that makes my brain hurt this morning! Dear Son is home. He was a bit under the weather, so he slept most of the rest of the day when we got back from the 6 hour drive home. He's better this morning. Jim and I will take a short bike ride today. It's nice out and Ben can work on putting his stuff away--riiiiight...
I'll post photos later.


Feel the heat!

I couldn't believe it got i
nto the 90s yesterday and will be warmer today. Thankfully it's supposed to drop dramatically tomorrow. I'm all for that! Today Eevee and I went walkies, and I brought along my camera. Above are things we saw...
I stopped at Lowe's yesterday after lunch with Mom and picked up thre
e hanging flower baskets, some potting soil and a few inexpensive plants for my little chair by the door. At least I have a bit of color in front, now.
I'm almost ready to start the chart for the back of the Bowknot sweater. It looks wonky because it's not blocked yet! I'll wait to block the pieces when they're all finished. The front looks good and the back progressed quickly. Mom has enjoyed watching the progress, as she remembers the design. She was 11 years old in 1927!
Surfing around Ravelry I found a great pattern for a scarf. I have
lots of oddments, so this may be a perfect use for them!


Tempus Fugit

Time surely is flying by this week. The trees are beginning to provide some shade, which will be nice for the deck. Jim is riding today with the cycling group, but I opted out. Too windy, even though it's under 20 miles today. I went to spin class this week, so I don't feel too guilty.
The Bowknot is coming along. The front is finished and I cast on for the back this morning. You get the idea from the front in progress photo. I can't wait to see how this fits. The front is wider than the back and the shoulder seam is towards the back. Otherwise it's just a simple, set-in sleeve jumper. I may not need the gussets, as my arms are thin, and the armholes look deep enough on the front.
I checked out a Vogue Knitting from last summer to cast on the little sideways cardi on the front cover. I have to use up that gorgeous cotton that used to be the cotton cardigan from last year. Ugh! I
rarely make bad yarn choices for a pattern and this was a doozy. Variegated hand-dyed yarn is not the best choice because of color pooling. I believe the openwork at the top and the sideways knitting on the bottom will utilize the colors in the yarn much better. We shall see. I swatched at Friendship Friday yesterday. We had a table full and it was nice to see everyone's WIPs.
Jim just got back and brought me a scone from Caribou, so I'm having a second cuppa joe and relaxing before I empty the dryer. The ride was windy and cold...



I just posted my yarn colors for the mystery bag on Ravelry and thought I'd show them off here. The pink and orange came from a jockey's silks I saw on the Kentucky Derby last weekend. I like them together. I hope this is worth it! On the Bowknot front, I'm into the chart and it's going well. I like the fabric the knitting technique is creating. It's nice and tweed-y.
I'm excited about today...the shop is having an event after Friendship Friday for fishing widows. Jim doesn't fish, but I'm going anyway! There will be wine and goodies, which is always nice! Tomorrow is the Shepherd's Harvest Festival and Zinnia Bouquet and I will be there. I think I'd like to get a new drop spindle, if I can find one I like. Rachel from Shepherd's Choice is borrowing my dress form for her grandmother's Latvian costume. I can't wait to see that! Sadly, I won't be with Ben on Mother's Day. We spoke for a long time yesterday. He's busy finishing his papers. This term he's got writing-intensive classes. He'll also be very busy on his birthday. I have to finish his little care package to send. He'll be home soon, and we are excited for that!
This week I was able to get a photo of the duck couple. They are so cute and I love when visit us.



I'm taking a short break from the socks to start my Bowknot Sweater. Elsa Schiaparelli designed the original in 1927. I've wanted to knit it for years and now seemed as good a time as any to start. The technique is similar to how I work Fair Isle (using continental style with my left hand and English with my right). It's called Armenian knitting and the contrasting color floats are caught every third stitch. It creates a tweedy appearance on the public side, which is perfect for this garment. I've seen it using the intarsia technique (separate bobbins for each color), but I don't think the effect is as attractive. I believe E.S. knew what she was doing! Instead of black I chose a very dark brown, which will match more of my wardrobe. I have to wear black when we play bells, so I don't wear it as much as I used to. The key to knitting this is the gauge. I did my gauge swatch and it was spot on...started the sweater...I thought the contrast color was too tight across the back. I began again, but cast on with a larger needle (which I knew I should have done in the first place!) and like the tension much better. I'm debating about the optional gussets--I'll have to see when the pieces are knitted and check the fit. I really needed to do something unusual and different--this is the perfect project!
photo credit: italophiles.com/images/elsa8.jpg