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This time last week we were getting ready to go pick up Ben. We had a nice trip and managed to get everything packed in the car including ourselves! I worked on socks during the drive. I don't know why I always start them because they aren't my favorite projects, but the portability is nice. I just suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome).Ben was a tad under the weather on the way home, so he did quite a bit of sleeping for a couple of days. I decided to tackle my porch furniture. I love to junk furniture into something nice. Creamy white paint did the trick! The trunk doubles as storage for games and a TV stand. The owners of our house were going to trash it, but I saw some use and kept it. It was black and had some slight water stains on the bottom. The coffee table was an $8 bargain at Goodwill. I'm always dropping things off there and just happened to go inside. It's a nice sturdy piece that needed a a sprucing up. The little corner drawer piece came from my father-in-law's garage. He worked for the railroad and that's where it originally came from. Some fellow made it out of leftover wood and some of the little drawers are made out of cheese and cigar boxes. When Poppa passed away, Mom was cleaning things out and I thought it had some potential. Poppa kept bits and pieces of nuts, bolts, nails, etc. in it and it took some time to clean it up. I decided to leave the drawers as they were and only paint the outer part. I think it works just fine. The telephone table came from a garage sale. I have to upholster the seat, and that will be perfect. I like it because the table is to the left (I'm left-handed). I'd like to eventually embellish them a little a la Peter Hunt. When we first moved in, I used the porch quite a bit. It's very nice to open all the windows and work out there.
Anyway, the weather for Memorial Day weekend. Ben joined us for a bike ride on Saturday morning. It was really nice out and everybody was enjoying the sunshine and nice temps. I made it through all the laundry and now I can get some knitting projects finished up. My favorite spot is a bit of a disaster--too many projects going on...three socks and the Bowknot Sweater sleeves.


Kathy said...

I love the insides of the drawers! Too bad no one sees that.

Our car looked like that too. The trouble is that it all comes in to the house.

We should try and have some coffee some day. It's been awhile.

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, it is so good to see your postings again, what amazing work you have done, I love the bowknot top and the furniture, the cycling news, weather updates, family time, etc..feels like I missed alot. I hope you are keeping well. Big hugs Margie.

Joanne said...

Love the white furniture, I am in the process of doing that too. :)
SSS, I know it well.