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Tempus Fugit

Time surely is flying by this week. The trees are beginning to provide some shade, which will be nice for the deck. Jim is riding today with the cycling group, but I opted out. Too windy, even though it's under 20 miles today. I went to spin class this week, so I don't feel too guilty.
The Bowknot is coming along. The front is finished and I cast on for the back this morning. You get the idea from the front in progress photo. I can't wait to see how this fits. The front is wider than the back and the shoulder seam is towards the back. Otherwise it's just a simple, set-in sleeve jumper. I may not need the gussets, as my arms are thin, and the armholes look deep enough on the front.
I checked out a Vogue Knitting from last summer to cast on the little sideways cardi on the front cover. I have to use up that gorgeous cotton that used to be the cotton cardigan from last year. Ugh! I
rarely make bad yarn choices for a pattern and this was a doozy. Variegated hand-dyed yarn is not the best choice because of color pooling. I believe the openwork at the top and the sideways knitting on the bottom will utilize the colors in the yarn much better. We shall see. I swatched at Friendship Friday yesterday. We had a table full and it was nice to see everyone's WIPs.
Jim just got back and brought me a scone from Caribou, so I'm having a second cuppa joe and relaxing before I empty the dryer. The ride was windy and cold...


Joanne said...

Your bowknot sweater is looking wonderful! I love that sweater on the front of Vogue too. Have you tried using yarn from one ball for two rows and then yarn from a second ball for the handpainted yarn. That is supposed to help even it out. (that's what I read anyway) :)

Deborah said...

Tried the two-row deal and it was just too putzy for such a simple sweater. I didn't like the way it looked. Better to find an appropriate project than to dislike the one I originally picked. The two-row blending works fine, BTW.