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Feel the heat!

I couldn't believe it got i
nto the 90s yesterday and will be warmer today. Thankfully it's supposed to drop dramatically tomorrow. I'm all for that! Today Eevee and I went walkies, and I brought along my camera. Above are things we saw...
I stopped at Lowe's yesterday after lunch with Mom and picked up thre
e hanging flower baskets, some potting soil and a few inexpensive plants for my little chair by the door. At least I have a bit of color in front, now.
I'm almost ready to start the chart for the back of the Bowknot sweater. It looks wonky because it's not blocked yet! I'll wait to block the pieces when they're all finished. The front looks good and the back progressed quickly. Mom has enjoyed watching the progress, as she remembers the design. She was 11 years old in 1927!
Surfing around Ravelry I found a great pattern for a scarf. I have
lots of oddments, so this may be a perfect use for them!


Kathy said...

Your Bowknot is looking good. I can't believe how quickly you're getting it done.

Hope you didn't blow away today. Jack and I went to watch the section tennis matches, and we're still trying to recover. I feel a little gritty all over.

Joanne said...

Your sweater is looking fabulous!