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Ice is nice.

A while ago...I got a great surprise yesterday!  Jim took me along to the Minnesota Wild Hockey game.  Watching the game on TV just is not the same as going to the Excel Center in St. Paul.  Even better?  We were in one of the suites complete with food, great seats, and a pre-game tour behind the scenes.

With Jim overlooking the ice,

I am very happy that my It's Your Choice class is a go tonight!  How fun to take knitting students forward with their knitting skills.

Yesterday at knitting group, I frogged my Nessie back to the spot (and beyond) where the bobbles are placed.  Now to get back on the short row track and see if  I can make a better bobble with the sock yarn using Sarah

18.03.2013  We are having another snowfall today.  The wind is supposed to kick up this afternoon.  Because of my two spin-outs on the way to work (I was driving Ben's Jeep with 4WD, too), I will start out earlier than normal.  The temperatures are going to tank for a few days.  Jim and I will have to strap on the snowshoes and take advantage of the deep snow before it melts!
Needs no caption!

It was a busy weekend.  We had our first development weekend for Wood Badge.  I am on the Quartermaster staff, which means cooking!  The development weekends are for the staff to meet and build our team so we can present a great program for the participants of the fall course.

I have one hat for the book almost finished, and started the second one.  There were quick adjustments to the math for the ribbing and crown shaping.  I downloaded the Craft Yarn Council of America's standards and abbreviations, which is what Sixth and Spring wants designers to use for patterns.  The Cascade Superwash wool is really nice, and I was very happy the blue they sent was the exact color I used for the original hat.  I have to work out the decorative stitching, and will rely on my embroidery books for that.

19.03.2013  The first participant in the Summer Wood Badge Eagle Patrol is finished with his tickets!  I am so happy for him and look forward to his beading ceremony in the near future.

24.02.2013  Back to another weekend already!  The hats should be at Soho Publishing and I hope that they will be included in the book.  I was happy they chose the same blue as the original.

Yesterday was Spin-In at Anoka Fiber Works.  I got the first Three Feet of Sheep spun and thankfully it fit on Louie's bobbin.  The other three feet are split and ready to spin.  Now to decide how I want to ply it...to ply with a solid, ply the color singles together opposite, or ply the colors for a color run?  Decisions, decisions!
Six feet of sheep.  Colorway--Tourmaline

The temperatures are going to be in the 30s and then in the low 40s later in the week.  The Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs in the snow piles next Sunday.


Who's who?

The Give a Hoot mittens I started for Kathy are finally finished!  We had coffee on Friday.  It was good to see her and catch up.  She gave me some hand warmers that are so darned cute!  It is still a bit cold, so I will zap them in the microwave and take a walk.  Speaking of mittens, I liked the pattern and mittens so much I made a pair for myself.  Using the needles according to the pattern, they are a perfect fit.  I sized down for Kathy's--she has very tiny hands.  Now to change the owl to a bear...I think this would be a nice cable to use in a Wood Badge project...hum...wheels are turning...
Who two--my mittens.

Who one--Kathy's mittens.

Ben spent the past two weeks in Texas and is now has his commission.  The patrol got top honors--go Super Scout!  He remembered quite a lot about Texas and it is hard to believe we left over 13 years ago!

Yesterday we had a delicious Indian meal prepared by the family of Jim's colleague.  The appetizer, Pani Puri, set the stage.  Wonderful flavors and spices.  We had rice, flat bread, and then three dishes to try.  The cold yogurt soup counter balanced the spices of the main dishes.  The dessert was rice pudding and Gulab Jamun.  Our hosts are such a nice young family; I enjoyed picking out a gift for their little boy.  He was excited to have company and seeing him brought back memories of Ben at age three.  They were our guests at Thanksgiving and little one enjoyed Ben's trains.  He wanted to be sure the Thomas tunnel set we brought would stay with him!


In the Merriam Webster Dictionary the second meaning for alchemy is, "...a power or process of transforming something common into something special."  How true the statement is when concerning yarn and a pattern.  The yarn is Alchemy's Silken Straw (in Blue Moon) and the pattern is Purl Bee's Silken Straw Summer Sweater.  When asked if I would like to make a shop sample I jumped at the chance to knit with silk.  At first glance the hank looks like beautifully dyed raffia, although once the stitches (228!) are cast on the needle and knitting begins, the stiffness begins to soften and I think ahead to blocking the sweater.  The pattern is simple and the top is just a whisper of translucence, which is perfect for summer.  I chose the beautiful turquoise because it reminded me of the clear New Mexico sky over Philmont.  Silk takes dye beautifully and the colorways of Silken Straw are richly saturated hues--even the smoky gray is beautiful.  I hand-wound the first hank and popped it into a sandwich bag to keep it from unwinding.  So far, so good.  The yarn easily splits so I am taking extra care as I knit.

Alchemy Yarns Silken Straw

The beginning--228 stitches...

The second sample knit is a scarf (from a kit) by Trendsetter Yarns.  I chose the copper colorway for the vertical lace stitch project.  The kit contains two skeins of Kid Seta mohair and silk, one hank of Mimi, and one skein of Luna.  Three strands held together will be a lovely mix of shine, color, and halo.
Yarn from Trendsetter (kit)

Vertical lace pattern

The Tayberry Hat is finished and Bobbi and I agreed the points needed to be tacked together.  I will have to get a photo when I go back to work.

Speaking of which...today is a snow day for the schools!  With Ben gone that falls under our radar.  We had some snow yesterday as I was driving to work.  I was very careful not to spin out twice this trip.  After the last snowfall I drove Ben's Jeep with four-wheel drive and spun out once on a ramp and then again on the highway.  The black ice was treacherous and fortunately I was able to get back on the road and make it to work on time.
The second spin out was in traffic and it was a miracle I did not hit another car and another car or truck did not hit me.  A kind officer blocked traffic in one lane so I could get back on the road.  The snow is still coming down and will taper off this afternoon--so the weatherman says.

Progress on the room is coming along.  The fiber/tubs are stacked in the corner and most of my art supplies are in the closet.  Naturally, by moving everything before painting Ben's room is probably a mistake, but one needs to get one's space organized and the cosmetic changes can happen at any time.  The recycle bin is getting full, bags of yarn are separated, and books and clothing are bagged and ready to go away!  Yea!

On the Scouting scene...the District Dinner was on Friday evening.  Since Jim was on the Winter Wood Badge course I was there alone.  The theme was "A Funny Thing...," and the speaker was very good as well as funny (a comedian/Eagle Scout).  In a nutshell, we are here because we said, "yes" to being Scouters and volunteering.  I am glad I said yes!  Before supper started, I got a surprise with Jim showing up.  I had his mug and something for another person on course (so proud I did not forget!).  It was good to see him.  The evening progressed through the awards and the last one given out is for the District Award of Merit.  Now I have to buy extra knots for my uniforms!  An interesting thought about awards in Scouting--an award is not just for what you have done, it is for what you are going to give back in the future.