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Ice is nice.

A while ago...I got a great surprise yesterday!  Jim took me along to the Minnesota Wild Hockey game.  Watching the game on TV just is not the same as going to the Excel Center in St. Paul.  Even better?  We were in one of the suites complete with food, great seats, and a pre-game tour behind the scenes.

With Jim overlooking the ice,

I am very happy that my It's Your Choice class is a go tonight!  How fun to take knitting students forward with their knitting skills.

Yesterday at knitting group, I frogged my Nessie back to the spot (and beyond) where the bobbles are placed.  Now to get back on the short row track and see if  I can make a better bobble with the sock yarn using Sarah

18.03.2013  We are having another snowfall today.  The wind is supposed to kick up this afternoon.  Because of my two spin-outs on the way to work (I was driving Ben's Jeep with 4WD, too), I will start out earlier than normal.  The temperatures are going to tank for a few days.  Jim and I will have to strap on the snowshoes and take advantage of the deep snow before it melts!
Needs no caption!

It was a busy weekend.  We had our first development weekend for Wood Badge.  I am on the Quartermaster staff, which means cooking!  The development weekends are for the staff to meet and build our team so we can present a great program for the participants of the fall course.

I have one hat for the book almost finished, and started the second one.  There were quick adjustments to the math for the ribbing and crown shaping.  I downloaded the Craft Yarn Council of America's standards and abbreviations, which is what Sixth and Spring wants designers to use for patterns.  The Cascade Superwash wool is really nice, and I was very happy the blue they sent was the exact color I used for the original hat.  I have to work out the decorative stitching, and will rely on my embroidery books for that.

19.03.2013  The first participant in the Summer Wood Badge Eagle Patrol is finished with his tickets!  I am so happy for him and look forward to his beading ceremony in the near future.

24.02.2013  Back to another weekend already!  The hats should be at Soho Publishing and I hope that they will be included in the book.  I was happy they chose the same blue as the original.

Yesterday was Spin-In at Anoka Fiber Works.  I got the first Three Feet of Sheep spun and thankfully it fit on Louie's bobbin.  The other three feet are split and ready to spin.  Now to decide how I want to ply it...to ply with a solid, ply the color singles together opposite, or ply the colors for a color run?  Decisions, decisions!
Six feet of sheep.  Colorway--Tourmaline

The temperatures are going to be in the 30s and then in the low 40s later in the week.  The Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs in the snow piles next Sunday.

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Joanne said...

What fun to get to tour the stadium and then see the game in style!!! I love the roving, have you plied it yet? Glad the hat is working up nicely, what a great opportunity!