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Mystery KAL

I got through clue 2 on the Mystery Bag KAL. I had to frog a few times. The yarn is supposed to be doubled for thick fabric and light felting. The bag has color work and cabling. So far we've done the bottom--started out with double yarn...too thick...
03.07.09 I'm almost through clue 3. I decided to go single strand and it's working much better. No sense killing the hands. Everyone seems to be having problems with the tuck stitch, but that's easy for me. I'm contemplating putting in the strap holes, that's why I haven't finished the top, yet.
Ben's home for the holiday and it's so good to have him back for a bit. The cookies should be at camp when he gets back.
Last Wednesday evening the shop hosted a book signing and visit from Nora Murphy, author of Knitting the Threads of Time. She was a delightful guest and we enjoyed her reading passages from her book and chatting with her. I made some goodies for us and they were a big hit--especially the little sweater cookies. I have a three-piece Easter cookie cutter and the middle part looks like a sweater.
Speaking of sweaters...I'm sewing up the Bowknot. I love the way it's looking. The fit is slender without being tight. The offset shoulder and side seams are unusual, but it all works when worn. The v-neck is not too low and it's comfortable. Elsa, you're a genius!


Iced tea time!

Well, it's officially summer. It's a little humid and will be warm (80s) this week. I certainly can't complain--it could be so much worse!
I'm making progress on the second sleeve of the Bowknot. I've been eyeing Owls lately, although I have other projects lined up. Like that's a big surprise.
24.06.09 The Bowknot is blocking! Finally! I was gettin' real tired of the sleeves.
There's been a bit of stash enhancement lately. I got good deals at the shop on Some Manos and Rowan yarns. The Owl sweater will be a bonus because I'm knitting it with yarn the shop will carry, so that will be a real treat! Fun things ahead on the knitting front.
I made cookies last night--chocolate chip, Heath Bar toffee, and oatmeal. I sent some to Ben. I think they'll arrive all right. Even if they get broken, they're still edible! Jim's happy there are some left for him, too!
Next week the shop is hosting an author for a book signing. I'm going to use my cookie molds. I think I'd like to try the gingerbread recipe in the booklet that came with the molds.


Excelsior and chocolate

What a lovely weekend! On Friday it was cool enough to wear my new sweater and it was perfect. Ben's gainfully employed this summer and we'll still be able to see him, as he won't be too far away. On the way home, we saw this lovely sunset.
On Saturday Kim, Kris, Joanne, and I took a little road trip to Excelsior to visit Coldwater Collaborative, a yarn shop. The town is charming. There was an art fair going on, lots of folks were at the lake anyway because of the gorgeous weather, and it was wall-to-wall people. The shop was so nice. It's in an old house, so the atmosphere was cozy. I found a couple of booklets on sale--I didn't need any more yarn--more about that later...
I took photos of some of the flowers outside the shops and restaurants. The colors in the bright sunlight were very intense. Kim and I had rustic pizzas with bacon, apple, Gorgonzola, feta, and walnuts. With unlimited organic iced tea--the perfect summer lunch!
As we drove into town, we noticed a huge sign on a hill that read CHOCOLATE. We made sure to hit that on the way out of town. I got some English toffee, dark chocolate almond bark, one peanut butter cup, and one dark chocolate Grand Manier truffle. As you can see, we're all smiles! There was a Caribou Coffee around the corner, so we got iced tea for the ride home. It was a fun day.
Today started my summer class hours. Kim
and I met before class and sat outside the coffee shop.


New sweater

The sweater is finished. I think it turned out really nice. It blocked beautifully and Sock Monkey was such a good helper! He wanted to model it for me.
It started out sunny this morning, but now it looks a bit cloudy. The temperature is in the low 70s, which is fine with me! I helped Jim get some of the equipment ready for the Boy Scout training course, Grey Wolf. I changed the batteries in the GPS units and got the realistic first aid kits ready. I mix up nice blood...a few drops of red and one drop of green in some glycerin. Jim's going to take the stuff down to the camp for the first course tomorrow. I got my stuff done today, so I can go with some friends on a little road trip tomorrow!


Weekend fun

The fun started on Friday with a Saints game. Even though it was chilly (they were selling blankets) it was great to be out on a moonlit evening for a baseball game. The little pig was adorable. It wasn't very cooperative at first, but came out later with it's little ball cap prancing around with ears flapping. We had seats behind the dugout, so there was a lot going on with the characters. I worked on my cardigan sleeve.
Saturday I drove up to Shepherd's Choice and spun. It was very rainy and cold. Actually I was grateful for the rain. My sinuses and the yard were grateful for the moisture. Later, we went out to celebrate Ben's birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Sunday after work we had a grad party to visit and met up with some old friends. Those are such fun.
This week Ben will be leaving to work at Webelos camp. I'm a bit sad, but it's so wonderful he has summer employment that pays!
k to knitting...I finished one sleeve of the tweed cardigan, and started the second. If I keep at it I might have a FO by the time KathyL and I go to coffee on Wednesday. I need to find some buttons! I do believe Sock Monkey red is a good choice!
June 11--I'v
e got the sweater blocking. Sock Monkey is anxious and decided to see how the buttons looked. It should be dry by the end of the day. The sweater took only about a skein and a half of the yarn! Wow, that's a bargain. I hope it wears well. I'll have to make a little something else with the leftover.
Ben is working on the
room of doom. I took photos last night. He isn't keen on me posting anything about that.
Funny! I didn't move Sock Monkey away
from my sweater. Ben just came down and said he was weirded out when he was upstairs, "Sock Monkey's sitting there staring at your sweater, Mom."


Felting fun

Here's a look at what we did on Wednesday at the Textile Center. My felt is now dry, and I need to decide what to do with it. Carol's turned out a bit larger and she's making a little purse. I'll probably line mine and make a small DPN holder.
The exquisite little springerle cookies were on the refreshment table. The sister of one of the teachers made them. I was so in love with the images that I found the molds online this morning and ordered some molds. Besides, I love to make cookies! Not only were they lovely, they were very good! When not in use, they can hang in my fiber/art themed office.
Tonight Jim's taking us to the Saints game. Ben's never been to one and it's always a fun evening. I'm on the bottom ribbing of the tweed cardigan and will have to get the sleeves going tonight at the game. I'll take a sock along also...
Good news on the spinning front! I was at the steak fry for Roundtable (BSA) and one of the leaders and I got in a conversation about knitting. Turns out his wife and daughter knit and his wife spins and weaves! This will hopefully lead to a connection. Also, Shepherd's Choice is having spinners meet tomorrow at the shop and I will be there with Louie Louet and some fiber! Baaaa!



I had such fun on
sheep shearing day at Shepherd's Choice. I was spinning under the trees and took time to tie dye a dress and skirt. That's always fun to do. The sheep and llama were very cooperative models, too.
The tweed cardi (#994) is going quickly. Top down construction is great
because it's nice to be able to try on the garment as it's knit and then adjustments are easier, if needed. I think I may go shorter on the length. I'm going through my button stash to see what would go and I'm liking red buttons. The yarn reminds me of sock monkey socks. Speaking of the yarn, I like this quite a bit. I've made a cabled Aran from the traditional cream color, but I think the new tweeds and brown solid are much nicer. I may have to get some brown tweed for another basic sweater. The price per skein is great and there's so much yardage per skein. I am just now into the second skein and the body is over 22" long! At $8.99 per skein, that's a bargain.
Today is going to be fun. Carol from the LYS invited me to go to a felting class at the Textile Center in Minneapolis. I've wanted to go there since forever and doing a class is icing on the cake. We'll have so much fun. I'm taking the camera
and hope to get some photos of our creations!

I can't forget the chicken! I finally got a good photo of it.