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Iced tea time!

Well, it's officially summer. It's a little humid and will be warm (80s) this week. I certainly can't complain--it could be so much worse!
I'm making progress on the second sleeve of the Bowknot. I've been eyeing Owls lately, although I have other projects lined up. Like that's a big surprise.
24.06.09 The Bowknot is blocking! Finally! I was gettin' real tired of the sleeves.
There's been a bit of stash enhancement lately. I got good deals at the shop on Some Manos and Rowan yarns. The Owl sweater will be a bonus because I'm knitting it with yarn the shop will carry, so that will be a real treat! Fun things ahead on the knitting front.
I made cookies last night--chocolate chip, Heath Bar toffee, and oatmeal. I sent some to Ben. I think they'll arrive all right. Even if they get broken, they're still edible! Jim's happy there are some left for him, too!
Next week the shop is hosting an author for a book signing. I'm going to use my cookie molds. I think I'd like to try the gingerbread recipe in the booklet that came with the molds.


Kathy said...

Good job! I just finished up a gig this week, too. We'll have to get together some day for show and tell.

You're a good Mom. Jack's sitting here with a bag of Chip's Ahoy. That's life!

Joanne said...

Ohhh, your sweater looks gorgeous and the cookies sound wonderful too. Now I am hungry..... LOL!

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, your name will certainly go in the hat, best of luck. You have been so busy knitting lately, the bowknot looks fantastic, I have not had time to visit often, but love when I get a comment from you. Your cookies sound delicious, Ben and Jim are lucky men. Good luck baking the gingerbread cookies. Hugs, Margie.