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Felting fun

Here's a look at what we did on Wednesday at the Textile Center. My felt is now dry, and I need to decide what to do with it. Carol's turned out a bit larger and she's making a little purse. I'll probably line mine and make a small DPN holder.
The exquisite little springerle cookies were on the refreshment table. The sister of one of the teachers made them. I was so in love with the images that I found the molds online this morning and ordered some molds. Besides, I love to make cookies! Not only were they lovely, they were very good! When not in use, they can hang in my fiber/art themed office.
Tonight Jim's taking us to the Saints game. Ben's never been to one and it's always a fun evening. I'm on the bottom ribbing of the tweed cardigan and will have to get the sleeves going tonight at the game. I'll take a sock along also...
Good news on the spinning front! I was at the steak fry for Roundtable (BSA) and one of the leaders and I got in a conversation about knitting. Turns out his wife and daughter knit and his wife spins and weaves! This will hopefully lead to a connection. Also, Shepherd's Choice is having spinners meet tomorrow at the shop and I will be there with Louie Louet and some fiber! Baaaa!


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, you have been so busy, the spinning and shearing looked incredible, and in this post I have never heard of springerle cookies, I googled them, they are so pretty, I thought they were buttons. They look too good to eat. Everyday I learn something new. hugs Margie.

Deborah said...

That would be quite nice to have one button like that!

Joanne said...

Oh, I agree. It would be great to have a button like those cookies. Gorgeous. I love your felting project too, it is really pretty. Great idea to make a needle case!