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Weekend fun

The fun started on Friday with a Saints game. Even though it was chilly (they were selling blankets) it was great to be out on a moonlit evening for a baseball game. The little pig was adorable. It wasn't very cooperative at first, but came out later with it's little ball cap prancing around with ears flapping. We had seats behind the dugout, so there was a lot going on with the characters. I worked on my cardigan sleeve.
Saturday I drove up to Shepherd's Choice and spun. It was very rainy and cold. Actually I was grateful for the rain. My sinuses and the yard were grateful for the moisture. Later, we went out to celebrate Ben's birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. Sunday after work we had a grad party to visit and met up with some old friends. Those are such fun.
This week Ben will be leaving to work at Webelos camp. I'm a bit sad, but it's so wonderful he has summer employment that pays!
k to knitting...I finished one sleeve of the tweed cardigan, and started the second. If I keep at it I might have a FO by the time KathyL and I go to coffee on Wednesday. I need to find some buttons! I do believe Sock Monkey red is a good choice!
June 11--I'v
e got the sweater blocking. Sock Monkey is anxious and decided to see how the buttons looked. It should be dry by the end of the day. The sweater took only about a skein and a half of the yarn! Wow, that's a bargain. I hope it wears well. I'll have to make a little something else with the leftover.
Ben is working on the
room of doom. I took photos last night. He isn't keen on me posting anything about that.
Funny! I didn't move Sock Monkey away
from my sweater. Ben just came down and said he was weirded out when he was upstairs, "Sock Monkey's sitting there staring at your sweater, Mom."

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Joanne said...

Great sweater! Sounds like you had a great weekend, too. I like sock monkey. Don't you just love keeping the grown kids on their toes. LOL!