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Mystery KAL

I got through clue 2 on the Mystery Bag KAL. I had to frog a few times. The yarn is supposed to be doubled for thick fabric and light felting. The bag has color work and cabling. So far we've done the bottom--started out with double yarn...too thick...
03.07.09 I'm almost through clue 3. I decided to go single strand and it's working much better. No sense killing the hands. Everyone seems to be having problems with the tuck stitch, but that's easy for me. I'm contemplating putting in the strap holes, that's why I haven't finished the top, yet.
Ben's home for the holiday and it's so good to have him back for a bit. The cookies should be at camp when he gets back.
Last Wednesday evening the shop hosted a book signing and visit from Nora Murphy, author of Knitting the Threads of Time. She was a delightful guest and we enjoyed her reading passages from her book and chatting with her. I made some goodies for us and they were a big hit--especially the little sweater cookies. I have a three-piece Easter cookie cutter and the middle part looks like a sweater.
Speaking of sweaters...I'm sewing up the Bowknot. I love the way it's looking. The fit is slender without being tight. The offset shoulder and side seams are unusual, but it all works when worn. The v-neck is not too low and it's comfortable. Elsa, you're a genius!

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