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Fourth of July weekend

We had such a fun weekend! Ben was home for more than a day, the weather was pleasant, we had fireworks, and great food!
Ben and I rode sag for the group on Saturday morning. I got lots of good photos. They did a time trial for the prologue of the Tour de France. It's nice to see Lance back in the race. The team time trial was a sight to behold yesterday--poetry in motion. I must mention that on Sunday we went to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum in St. Paul. It was fascinating to see some of the items that survived the tragedy. The IMAX movie was also good--very quiet audience, too. We were fortunate to have an early time in the exhibit and had it to ourselves. We were able to really take our time with no background noise to break the mood.
I'm sewing together the Bowknot, and that's a bit putzy. It's difficult to see the selvage stitches. I wonder if the eye strain caused the blood vessel in my left eye to burst! I was feeling sooo attractive on Sunday and Monday with my chapped lips and icky-looking eye! I look much better today.
On the actual knitting front...The next clue for the bag is due today. I'm reorganizing my room--again! I dig through my knitting bags about once a month and gather up all the needles, markers, patterns, etc. and put them away. I like to believe I'm in control of the materials, not the other way around.
The flowers are from the bike route. We were waiting at the top of a hill and I thought they were so pretty.

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